Human rights watch reports of torture in kurdish cogs

Hundreds of persons who were arrested under terrorism suspicion sit without trial in kurdish fehrnisse, some for five years, without prospect of early freezing. Instresses report torture, maltreatment and outrageous detention conditions, according to the human rights organization report human rights watch, which was published today.

Anyone who describes exactly in the prospects of "asaic", in the hrw report as a "kurdish safety force" is not known exactly. In the spring of last year, the daily level reported that "the ‘asaian’, the intelligence service of iraqi kurds, in suleimeanyia particularly dangerous prisoners stop. Fanatic islamists are in the high-security wan, camphor and supporter of terrorist networks such as al qaeda, ansar al islam and ansar as sunna."

According to the current hrw report, there are in all of kurdistan fehrnis, which is monitored and controlled by asaian staff, which is to be subordinate to the two coarse kurdish parties. According to hrw, persons who are accused of internal security and those who are suspected that they have "opposition-armed groups", as well as "heavy criminal". It is noteworthy that some of the prisoners were not arrested in the kurdish area, but in common operations kurdish "safety force" with the iraqi army or the us militar.

Researching the human rights group, which were carried out from april to october last year, showed that the prisoners (with a few exceptions) are housed in superfilled, unhygienic institutions. The gear practice not to allow the prisoners neither access to a lawyer nor a proper trial in prospect, according to hrw against international legal agreements, which also signed the iraq. The same applies to the psychic and physical torture, from which detained reported: including strike with cables, wooden and metal rods, sexual abuse, tailor cessation with hood and other "stress position" treasures. Since the torture reports from a variety of fehrnisen acknowledge, the premieges of prisoners are plausible, the organization:

Human rights watch believes that the abuse allegations are credible. The accounts of the torture or ill-treatment alleged, and the methods used, were highly consistent at all the facilities. They those consistent with the types of allegations received in kurdistan by the organization in the past. The methods most frequently cited included beatings to the body using a variety of implements search as cables, hosepipes, wooden sticks, or metal rods. Detailees reported that asayish officials beat them at the time of their arrest or upon arrival at the detention facility, before any interrogation had taken place. They descripbed how asayish officials kicked or punched them, and kept them blindfolded and handcuffed continuously for several days at a stretch.

The human rights organization now hopes that kurdish leadership is based on their recommendations and the illegal practice for an end to the end of this end; the hope of the organization does not least build on the fact that the kurds had shown more open than other groupings in iraq and the americans. So one had responded to the representatives of the organization free access and they talk to the detainees. In other parts of iraq this is not possible in this form.

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