New key to the council of the "autism epidemic"?

Autism, too "oooops…Wrong planet!"- called syndrome, is a consequence of trunk brain development scenes, which are already very early in the womb. Asperger syndrome is called a light form of autism, which is usually associated with good voice entertainment, above-average intelligence and obsessively operated – frequently technical interests.

Autists have fewer mercury in the hair

A study commissioned by the university of california at the end of last year, under the direction of dr. Robert byrd carried out, and in many coarse us daily newspapers, came to the conclusion that the dramatic increase of autistic symptoms are not – as hoped – disabled with advanced diagnostic criteria, improved diagnostic facilities or statistical anomalies.

In recent years, pravalenenz has increased in california from 1: 10 000 to 1: 150. There autism is now the illness among children, more often than cancer, diabetes and down syndrome. New studies convey an increase in the trap of autism of 634 in five years.

For comparison: epilepsia diseases took consistent to the amount of population, only by 30 to 40 percent. That, above all california has so alarming numbers, according to expert opinion, is that there are more specific data surveys here. Maybe but also the genpool of the technical freaks of the silicon valley also plays a role? Exploding autism numbers have also been collected in the area of boston (route 128).

The dns scripts for autism are also passed on by parents who only have some of the symptoms. Often parents are diagnosed only after their children were diagnosed. The fear that spreads now is that as a consequence of the essaritative mating in geek-enclaves parents who have a light asperger’s syndrome will soon bother the world’s autistic children, which do not cope with no therapeutic help.

According to a paper, which publishes the international molecular genetic study of autism consortium in september, there are genes on chromosomes 2, 7.16 and 17, which enemies autism, with hereditary equipment on chromosome 2 seem to have the major meaning.

Genes solely losen loud robert byrd from the m.I.N.D. Institute no epidemic. So all possible drugs are daily, which told toddlers are administered, guesses for which there is no evidence.

A work presented in the new scientist is dedicated to the context of mercury and autism and has quite interesting results, but it should not be suggested attributably caused by:

The hair samples of 139 babies were examined at the age of 18 months. The researcher found 0, 47 parts per million (ppm) in the samples of children who have been diagnosed with autism, while the normally developing children had an 8-fold higher concentration, 3.63 ppm. The less mercury in the hair, so the result, the heavier the autism.

While it is still standing out to interpret the results appropriately, is at least obvious that people with autistic characteristics have a genetic mistake that makes them particularly opposite against essential and toxic metals; if you can not remove this on a convincely manner, it would be possible that you collect yourself in brain cells and affect your neurological development. It could certainly be that mercury is only an indicator here and the "true guilty" a completely different metal such as zinc, iron, copper. However, a genetic disposition which gives the handling of the body with certain metals, however, is not yet for the fact that they exclude the disease.

The research work is published in september at the international journal of toxicology. A possible connection between the athyl quiver-containing chemical preservative thiomersal, which is particularly contained in the us in many vaccinations and neurological functional scans, is being discussed again and again. U. A. Is caught that patients with mercury poisoning or autism have similar symptoms, which has been refuted by other studies.

In the us, numerous parents of autistic children have already collected action against pharmaceutical companies whose vaccines contain thiomersal. However, so far no causes (pdf) between the administration of thiomineral-containing vaccines and a harmony of the brain and the central nervous system could be shown.

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