Again, spanish state-owned goal of an attack were. The prere to deduct the troops from afghanistan or lebanon also growth

First of all, a heavy attack on spanish soldiers in lebanon for turmoil. He fell victim to him. Now seven tourists with spanish passport in the day were victim of a suicide stop in yemen, when the process was finished in madrid three years ago. Islamist groups threaten spain at the beginning of the process and always demanded the deduction of the troops from afghanistan, where attacks on spaniard also increase. After the spanish deduction from iraq, it seems to be the weakest limb of the chain. The spanish government denies the connections, while she reckons in front of the elections in the next year’s year with a new strike.

"We lost the innocence." that was a meaningful commentary of a political observer after the deadly attack on spanish tourists in yemen. At the suicide attack on monday, seven spanish state burger – catalans and basque -, as well as two locals were killed. The attesta, who should not be a yemeniter, was driven with his car loaded with explosives in the tourist convoy protected by the army. Previously, the tourites had visited an antique temple complex in marib omen the capital sanaa. The native victims is a driver and travel guide of the tourists. The comment prints out the realization that every simple spanish stateburger everywhere is the goal of.

He also shows how hard it falls to people in spain, to bring about this known fact in consciousness. Even more difficult is the catalan and besken, this time the victims, which virtually voted against the entry of spain into nato and also refuse foreign assignments to spanish troops with a rough majority. These inserts form the background for the attacks, which attribute the yemeni and spanish governments al-qaeda. Again and again, spain was threatened from the environment of the network. It will come to bloody attacks when the "crusader" not withdraw from all arab countries.

That spanish state burger victims of such assasses abroad are not new. Since 1994, 17 victims have been recorded. The tendency is rising. In 2003, the 45 dead of the adjoining moroccan casablanca were four spaniards. At the latest these attacks were also directed directly against spanish institutions like that "spanish house".

Whether the youngest stop has now targeted spain is discussed violently and the spanish government is trying to brake the discussion. The foreign minister miguel angel moratinos said the attack against the "tourism sector of the country" and "against islam" turned. That’s just as difficult to digest as his hint, there was no connection to the attack a week ago on spanish troops in lebanon. But a mutual group from the environment of al-qaeda had targeted six spanish soldiers in sudlibanon with a remote bomb in the sudlibanon.

Request for andalusia and jerusalem

After knocking in the early year in algeria and morocco, the "salafistic group for entertainment and fight" (gspc) confilled the direct fight against spain (bombing in algeria, suicide mats in morocco). The coordination from the maghrebstates, which as "al qaeda in the islamic maghreb" applies, explained in her confession letter: "we will not give peace until we are not back in al andalus and el qods." this is meant by al andalus of the spanish suden, from which the moors were forcibly expelled from the konigreich aragon and castile after 800 years, and jerusalem. The permanent allusions of armed islamist groups on al andalus and the equation of jerusalem liberation is so opposed to alert spain because it increasingly opens up more clearly into the riflescope of islamist fundamentalists. This equation is opposed because after completing the ethnic cleaning 1492, with the case of granada, the next time. Isabella the catholic set to the complete expulsion of the jews, whose descendants today live in jerusalem. Also victims of the spanish conquest, which is reinterpreted as a rejection.

So it is ultimately insignificant whether this stop has taken random residents with spanish pass, because also in afghanistan and in lebanon the prere on spanish troops increases. At least since the devastating strike in madrid on 11. Marz 2004, with 191 deaths and more than 1000 injured, it is clear that some islamists see themselves against all who hold them for spaniards. The deselection of the right folk party (pp), four days after the striking, had gained the country a break. She extended himself when the socialists (psoe) trimmed their promise and collected the troops from iraq, where they had sent the pp against the decisive resistance of the population.

But the spanish minister prosident jose luis rodriguez zapatero dearly looked like to compensate for the deduction from iraq, spanish troops in afghanistan. So the in front of the head should be used to stabbed us prasident. In this logic is also the use in lebanon.

Ultimately, the groups around al qaeda only apply the strategy, which was successful in the case of iraq. They put on the weakest link in the chain. This is spain from different reasons. The socialist minority government could never freeze against their left partners from the demands to deduct the troops from afghanistan. The discussion always lives up more clearly and will continue to win strong after the attack in yemen. Zapatero’s government was weak from the start and was stapled by the strong pp. The lost regional and local elections in may and the ambivalent approaches in the basque peace process have justified at the end of the eta’s ceasefire and the position of zapatero continued to peak (spain: the logic of confrontation has sampled. The opposition drivers mariano rajoy brought the situation in the debate after the government clarification on tuesday unmistakably relevant to the point when he prompted the government to carry out new elections.

This weak use the islamists. As in the case of allianz between bush-blair-aznar, set again to the weakest link of the chain and try to break out spain. Take the land from afghanistan, as in iraq, drove, as in iraq, to a domino effect among the allies and giving the position of the taliban strong and the fundamentalist continued to increase. As repeated in front of the elections, which will take place at the latest in marz 2008, a scenario under other signs. The strategy has been described in 2003 in a document (terrorists undermine the "monopoly about the mass communication") published on the websites of global islamic media. A "committee of orphans" warb for connection before parliamentary elections in marz 2004.

In the document "iraq in jihad, hopes and risks" the then political situation in spain is analyzed exempt. The weakness of the pp government, given the coarse demonstrations, is particularly highlighted. As a consequence, the spanish troops in iraq had to "painful strike" be added. For the propagandistic accompaniment, the near the elections are used. "We believe the spanish government stops highest two to three beating before they forced to jerking for public printing."

This is how it repeats itself, and also zapatero weub, despite all the attempts to deny the connection that he has to calculate with striking in the country, he should not yield before the elections. They became the small opportunities of socialists to win the elections again, probably bombs. The connector in lebanon, afghanistan and yemen are only the prelude to the forgiveness as the attacks on the troops in iraq were once, where iraqi resistance targeted the spanish intelligence staff took to the grain (murdered spanish secret agent in iraq).

Results in the al qaeda process in madrid

The warnings against spain have increased at the beginning of the process to the funding three years ago in madrid anyway. It was probably just no coincidence that the attack in yemen has been carried out a few hours before the official end of the merdish procedure in front of the national court of justice in madrid, where allegedly driving from al-qaeda up to 40.To receive 000 years imprisonment?

Rough surprises did not bring the last day of the projects to which the defendants were re-inspired their innocence on monday with their last word. Now the judgments are calculated with which in october. Thus, the goal is to finish the process before the defendants must be released by four years of investigation. However, this was only achieved because only the half of the 600 witnesses and instead of 100 appraisers were only 70.

Whether that served the truth determination is to be heard. But after the failed parliamentary examination, bizarre investigations and political functionalization through the two coarse parties, was hardly expected that the truth comes to light here. No matter how the judgments are against the 28 defendants, remain dark points that had to be clarified by an independent commission. That also calls for the rough victim organization ("the absurd of absurd"to). Finally, the safety force was involved in the terminal and infiltrated agents directly (from spitzeln, terrorists and the heavy business of the enemy).

But these sobes are not on the dock, even if they were even involved in the construction of the bombs (involved in the national policy in madrider contribution), not to speak of their guiding officers or the politically responsible persons. Amazing was in the process that the prosecutor there also stamped the spy of the guardia civil, rafa zouhier, to the main defendant. Instead of 20 years as a support, she challenges himself suddenly for him almost 40.000 years imprisonment. His contact officer had confirmed in the process that he taught the guardia civil from the explosives of the spanish police spitzel. Although the highest puncture is demanded for the spanish spisel jose emilio suarez trashorras, but the demand against his brother-in-law remains low at 23 years. Without their explosives, the following had been impossible. That there was a strange unequal treatment in the process, it also shows that hardly a spaniard sits in custodial and the spaniards can take space outside the glass chaff in the process hall. With the non-spanors it is exactly the other way around.

It was also the fact that appraisers explained, the translations of telephone calls from italy are completely wrong, with which one of the main defendants rabei osman el sayed should have accused as a wire of the subsequent self. At the main defendant moroccan youssef belhadj, the indictment broke together practically as an appraiser mapped the voice on a benevido of another person. Despite everything, the criminal application was even increased with him.

Embarrassingly, the process was again for the pp, which further fabulates on a connection to the basque eta, which there is no hints. That was why they had to be derived in the process, which has consequences for their european parliamentarians and ex-policeich fee agustin diaz de mera. He claimed that there was a secret review of it, but did not demonstrate. He did not want to call his source, but the colleague seemed a witness and dismantled mera.

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