The antidepressant prozac is often prescribed in the uk that it has already burdened the drinking water

Some environmental problems have a few more amazing. And so probably explores that the british observer created the abysgy humorist headline stay calm everyone, ther’s prozac in the drinking water for a really serious topic.

The state supported environment agency environment agencey found that the antidepressant prozac has already been demonstrated in flow systems and in groundwater, and thus also reaches the drinking water or reaching. Environmental protection and politicians, such as norman baker from the liberal democrats, already speak of one "hidden mass medication".

Prozac was already in the 1980s as "gluckle" celebrated. The antidepressant is guided to the group of so-called selective serotonin resumption inhibitors (ssri), which in the metabolism of the "glow" intervention serotonin – and raise the mood in this way. As a neurotransmitter, serotonin modulates sock, sleep and appetite. A lack of serotonin in certain brain regions is u.A. The cause of depression and extensions. Drugs such as prozac with the drug fluoxetine cause the "glow" in high concentration is available and thus the mood situation is positively influenced.

But the dilde has his swuck: "weight gain, nervous facial watching, forgetfulness, sexual disorders, suicide, violence and brain damage", does theorist and biotech critic francis fukuyama summarize the side effects of the praparate.

The popularity of gluckle in the us and the great britain does not do a demolition. Scattered 28 million us burger consume prozac and similar anti-depressants. Between 1991 and 2001, the prescription of antidepressants from nine million to 24 million rose in the uk rose between 1991 and 2001. Prozac is now considered as a ethnic medication number one.

According to the "observer" the remedy gets over treated wastewater in flow systems or other water systems. However, how much prozac is currently in the british water, nobody knows so well. Nevertheless, medicongentruckstande has now called the british government on the plan. The highest environmental advisor of the government has once again met to talk about representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. The topic: the impact on the okosystem and human health.

The supreme water hardwords great britain, the drinking water inspectorate (dwi), but does not see acute danger in the antidepressant prozac. Prozac has so far only "heavily scrappy" been discovered. River water is being prepared overdies to be used as drinking water. In addition, prozac is biodegraded. A risk for health is therefore largely eliminated. "We have to examine the effects of these small but almost steady stress only", so andy croxford from the "enviornment agency" compared to the "observer".

The discovery of prozac in the groundwater again woke up the insistence that too many antidepressants are prescribed in coincidence, the newspaper reports. This problem also reached francis fukuyama in his book "the end of man" (2002), in which he is generally concerned about the dangers of biotechnology. Fukuyama’s association according to see the massive use of psychotropharmaca such as ritalin and prozac, that millions of people are ready to manipulate their beings in coarse emissions to avoid inconvenience.

Should it actually come to high concentrations of prozac in drinking water, millions of britons became involuntarily of such a "personality manipulation" subjected, apart from the health consequences once. British environmental protectioners now pushed for a rapid investigation of the affare "processac".

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