About the reasons one can only speculate, purely personal reasons, as the white house and the cia want to understand it, were certainly not it

Cia chief george tenet had survived in his office for an astonishingly long time. It was often thought that his time was up. Not only did us president bush take over from his predecessor clinton, who put tenet at the helm of the powerful and disreputable intelligence service in 1997, but he also survived the aftermath of 11 september.9. Numerous allegations concerning intelligence prior to the attacks and weapons of mass destruction prior to the iraq war. Now he resigned allegedly for personal reasons – apparently also surprisingly for the white house.

Whether the bush administration preferred not to drag the controversial intelligence chief into the presidential election or whether tenet perhaps preferred to remove himself in time in order not to go down with bush or to be punished as a scapegoat, will perhaps only be known later. But tenet was not allowed to talk about everything in a book like others, after all everything he wants to publish has to be approved by the cia.

Yesterday tenet officially announced his resignation, he will remain in office until mid-july. Then his deputy john mclaughlin will take over the cia and will have to deal with the probably not pleasant assessments of the 9/11 commission, which will surely be included in its final report (bad moon rising).

Both the cia and the white house are trying to deny anything that might indicate political prere or problems. Us president bush praised the "outstanding performance" tenets, after all, also kept bush’s back for his iraq policy and provided him with the relevant information – probably also against the resistance in his own ranks, as can be seen from some cia reports (the cia is better than its reputation). Also the fact that the pentagon has set up a special intelligence service to process the "facts" shows that the cia was not completely in line with the bush administration (rumsfeld and the super-secret pentagon department). Tenet famously took responsibility for the false, or rather, deliberately inflated and falsified information about iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and the resulting threat to world peace, in order to give bush and co. To exonerate those who only took over information (all honorable men). Why, however, bush gave the intelligence chief a lot of credit despite the many mishaps before 11.9. One can only speculate, conspiracy theorist or not, about the loyalty he has kept.

However, the cia has become very active again since the afghanistan war. Special units of the secret service have already operated here, with armed cia drones were killed in a form of targeted killing in american from a distance supposed opponents, the presumably brutal verhor methods of a cia employee led in afghanistan to an uprising of the prisoners, by which he himself – as a "hero" honored, and with few exceptions all prisoners were killed in a massacre.

Already shortly after the 11.9. Vice president cheney implied that the intelligence services also had to get their hands dirty in the war against terrorism (license to kill). Shortly thereafter, a discussion about torture began in the usa. Although references to torture have surfaced from time to time, it was the images from the abu ghraib prison that brought widespread attention to what may be going on behind the locked walls of u.S. Gulag prisons and camps. Intelligence operatives, including and especially the cia, have always had a hand in this, but so far – in keeping with bush administration tactics – have gotten off scot-free, as have all senior militaries.

However, recently another story boiled up. Somehow, former governing council member chalabi – the dubious exiled iraqi had been busily briefing pentagon and cia on iraqi affairs in exchange for money, and had been heavily pushed by the pentagon as a possible head of government – is said to have learned that u.S. Intelligence had cracked iran’s secret code. He is said to have told this to the iranian government, which is why he has recently fallen out of favor (the end of the dark master). Tschalabi denies this and sees a conspiracy against himself, which had come from cia chief tenet. The cia had supported another group of exiled iraqis competing with chalabi’s organization, led by allawi, who has now become the prime minister of the transitional government, apparently again strongly pushed by at least paul bremer (the trusted candidate for iraqi prime minister). Ironically, chalabi now accuses tenet of providing false information to the u.S. Government about iraq.

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