crisis over ukraine connections in the u.s. election campaign

Did biden put the steak on the grill? Image: twitter account of joe biden

Trump and democrats are at cross purposes over prere on ukrainian government likely exerted by trump, but certainly by presidential candidate biden as ex-vice president

An intelligence agent had sent an official whistleblower tip to the inspector general of the intelligence community. It is about a syrian military operation (secretly) initiated by the intelligence services?) tapped telephone conversation on 25. July by u.S. President donald trump with a foreign head of government, in which he u.A. Is said to have made a promise that the intelligence agent finds questionable. It has become clear that it is about trump’s conversation with the new ukrainian president zelenskyi, in which he congratulated him on his election victory. It is suspected that trump wanted to force zelenskyi with the suspension of 250 million us dollars in military aid to initiate investigations against joe biden and/or his son (ukrainegate: intelligence whistleblower causes unrest in washington).

Trump initially denied everything, pointing out that he knew that conversations were intercepted by his own and foreign intelligence services. That is why he was not going to say anything alarming here. Yesterday he admitted that when talking about corruption he was also talking about joe biden. It had largely been about chuckles and all the corruption that takes place, and "to the fact that we do not want our people like vice president biden and his son to contribute to the corruption prevailing in ukraine".

According to the wall street journal, he allegedly asked zelenskyi to investigate biden eight times. Joe biden is so far trump’s most dangerous rival in the presidential campaign. Undermining his reputation is in the interest of trump, whose lawyer giuliani is also investigating the former ukrainian government’s campaign aid to clinton and against trump. There was evidence from ukraine in 2016 of trump’s campaign manager manafort’s involvement with ousted president yanukovych. Trump had to fire manafort, who was then sentenced to prison for tax fraud in the usa.

So far, however, there is no evidence that trump mentioned military aid in connection with biden in the conversation with zelenskyi. The 250 million was shortly approved by trump, and the department of defense announced that it would add another 150 million. Trump said he didn’t mind releasing the transcript of the conversation, but that it was sensitive. In fact, the confidentiality of the talks with trump was compromised. However, this was also not preserved, because obviously a secret service was involved – probably without trump’s knowledge and consent.

But that seems to come as little surprise in the united states, where the opposition is naturally trying to scandalize trump’s suspected influence, demand disclosure, or even once again initiate impeachment proceedings. Of course, this testifies to gross hypocrisy among the democrats, who are using it to protect biden. After all, as vice-president, biden had haggled over a loan of a billion dollars, according to his own words, in order to push through the investigation of the ukrainian attorney-general, under which the ukrainian energy company burisma, in which biden’s son hunter had invested, was being investigated for corruption.

Biden bristled publicly at an event in 2018 about how he used the billion to get the attorney general de-listed. This throws a spotlight on the american political style of even democratic politicians, who just don’t usually do it so blatantly and openly trump-style, which doesn’t necessarily make it any better.

Adam schiff, the democratic chairman of the intelligence committee of the house of representatives, said that such an expropriation would be the most effective way to prevent corruption "gross violation of the oath of office of the president", there is no privilege extending to corruption. If trump withheld military aid to blackmail ukraine into investigating the biden family, impeachment would be necessary. "The president drives us in this direction. We could have already crossed the rubicon."

The fact that biden had already crossed the rubicon is not mentioned, of course. Even if the billion-dollar blast were to hit only the attorney general and not investigations of burisma, it would be a massive interference in the country’s domestic politics. This, of course, did not diminish trump’s influence, but the fact that it does not matter at all shows that american politics is all about the game between the two ruling parties and that the cemented two-party system lacks a plural political landscape and a neutral media.

Trump does not hold back despite the furor, but once again pours oil on the fire: "the real story involves hunter biden, who goes around the world collecting gross payments from foreign governments and oligarchs." trump, once again calling the new york times and washington post the "enemies of the people" referred to an interview of peter schweizer with fox news, who claims that hunter biden made a fortune in ukraine and china: "he didn’t understand energy or anything else." the conflict has been simmering for a long time, with hunter expanding his international business during his father’s vice-presidency.

Accordingly, the reaction of joe biden, who does not explain anything substantively, is weak: "desperate donald trump female that i can beat him, so he tries again to get the help of a foreign government. This is an abuse of power and violates every basic norm of the presidency. We can’t give him four more years in the white house."

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