Frontex supervises sea border with'zeppelin'

Frontex boss fabrice leggeri. Screenshot from the video "first frontex patrol cars"

Frontex budget: about two billion euros for the procurement of own ships, aircraft and motor vehicles-test of new technologies for grave monitoring from the air

The greek kustenwache uses trials a unmanned zeppelin in the agais. With the so-called aerostat, the sea area is monitored in front of the island of samos. The pilot project takes place in cooperation with the eu frontex border agency and is part of the operation "poseidon" in the eastern mediterranean. The tests last a month and should determine the suitability of the zeppeline for the detection of irregular grene countertrips.

If frontex does not find non-situated boats still at the exit in turkish territories, the agency can inform the state-of-the-scanned turkish lake motorship at the law. Pictures from the air should also be used in the pursuit of smuggling glasses.

Only surgery with ships of the federal police

Samos is separated from the turkish mainland through the strain of mycale, which is about two kilometers wide at its closest place. According to the united nations enhcr escape work, around 3 are around 3 this year.200 asylum seekers from turkey to samos surped.

Last year at the exit at least 174 people died, in 2015 it was even nearly 800. The lakeside do not belong to the goals of frontex. Nevertheless, the agency as the purpose of the zeppelin also calls the support of appropriate measures. In the central mediterranean frontex is meaningless in lakeso parquet, in the mission "poseidon" on the other hand, the units are also requested by the greek kustenwache.

The images from the air monitoring could also be used by german police officers. The federal police has been with the control and stripboats since 2016 "uckermark" and "borde" as well as two dozen officials occupation before the turkish kuste. Your commitment is also done in the context of "poseidon". It is the only frontex surgery where the federal police participates with ships. At times, the federal police had also stationed a sea-suitable helicopter in samos.

Tests with long-distance cycles

Which, connected to a leash with the ground, zeppelin is, according to media reports 35 meters long and dreaded out with a radar and a hot picture camera. A transponder always reports the position of the airship, which is to be tused to fly in different high. The maximum aircraft is given with one kilometer. The aircraft is controlled by a mobile base station in samos. The plants should come from the portuguese gendarmerie.

The videos taken by the zeppelin are probably streamed to frontex headquarters in warsaw. As part of the project "frontex compatible operational image" the agency tests the improvement of real-time transmission of your emergency. This concerns besides aircraft and drones also ships and vehicles on land. They are also equipped with gps transmitters, so frontex is informed at any time about their location.

The introduction of new technologies is based on the core tasks of frontex. Last year, the agency had tested two long-distance cycles in the mediterranean (drones guard the fortress europe). The italian rating company leonardo stationed a drone of the type to monitor the central mediterranean "falco" in sicily, an israeli "heron 1" flew of crete in the agais.

Contractor was the company airbus, also the pilots came from the european rusting company. Overall, drones were a few hundred hours in the air, the eu commission paid for six million euros.

New frontex regulation

For the pilot projects, the border agency has covered her drones with his logo, they were admitted in israel and italy. With a new regulation frontex can first buy its own equipment for the first time and according to one "seat agreement" allow the polish government in poland. In the household, around 2.2 billion euros are provided for this purpose until 2027. Frontex has not bought entrepreneurs, which presented the boss of the agency as a car dealer.

For this year frontex has a new one "monitoring service for maritime congresses" announced. In addition to unmanned aircraft, satellite data are also used. The service should be that "coarse-related positional awareness" enfer in a specific area.

Frontex received images of enrollment drones of the israeli company elbit, which are flown by the eu agency for maritime safety (emsa). At the beginning of july, the manufacturers were committed to provide the patrol flowing to individual states in europe. As the first country now is now iceland his cousings with the elbit drones.

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