Left-wing hacker group apparently hijacks several radical right-wing websites at once

A group that calls itself "katjusha – information warfare" apparently hacked several right-wing extremist websites at once. As reason the group calls the 60. Anniversary of the bombing of dresden. This day, they say, is "the appropriate occasion to do our part in the fight against historical revisionism and to take over the homeland protection network. Including the so-called "dresden memorial page" mass murder.Da.Ru and the pages elbsandstein.Homeland protection.Net. , lokus.Da.Ru, modo.Since.Ru, tumulus, chamber of culture, german physical education, the newspaper fritz, th. Korner and our celebration."

Hacked website heimatschutz.Net

During the hacker attack, the group obviously came into possession of sensitive data. In addition it heibt ironically on the hacked page heimatschutz.Net: "have you actually made a backup of your data? We have created one as a precaution and it will turn up somewhere, we promise!" allegedly, the data, which is said to originate from a password-protected forum, has meanwhile been handed over to the public prosecutor’s office. They are said to have close contacts between the saxon npd and the neo-nazi scene around the banned organization "skinheads saxon switzerland" occupy (still active despite ban).

Excerpts from the material has "katjusha – information warfare" but in the meantime also published on the hacked pages. About thomas rackow, who in 2003 was the bicycle leader of the group "skinheads saxon switzerland" and was sentenced to two years imprisonment for aggravated breach of the peace, distress, bodily harm and forming a criminal organization, for example, is claimed there:

Schlieblich had arrested rackow in the course of the police raid on 01. December last year because of the continuation of the banned skinheads sachsische schweiz some losses to report. Beside found data of the page elbsandstein.Org, his computer was confiscated. But already one day later he was able to declare: "got again a computer, this time from a mdl. Mub only bring the network card to run…

And further

They have the page data of the elbsandsteinseite. (…) they don’t have direct data of the other pages or backup ascopies of the server, or even password, so they can’t connect me directly with the hsn. All data, provider contracts i have now rest safely with someone who has immunity.

Well, with the npd in the state parliament there is a lot going on.

At the end of the call published on the hacked pages, the group expresses a thank you "our us allied friends (thanks for all your help), the incompetence of the programmers of this site and to the chatterboxes from the hidden wolf’s lair and clone chamber forum." and calls for antifa-activities at the 12. And 13. February, in order to then at the very end of the text the own nut/mother still fast with a nice "hi mom!" to dig.

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