The employment agency converts to luther’s paths and wants “look at the people on the mouth” – however, she could, but snugly, could risk, to get one on the her one

Modern, fresher and overall – the decision in the change of time

Notices of the employment agency are, it is suspected, often peppered with legal bases, with official german, tape worm rates and other, often non-comprehensible texts. But since the employment agency, since she laughed as a butterfly from the maid cocoon of the employment office and raised the newly designed aircraft gene-and demand heaven, wants to further polish their image, are after the renaming of the popular clerks to the trendy-niggle case manager now the notices of it. Modern, fresher and overview of you should be. “We have to make what martin luther said centuries ago: we have to look at the people on my mouth” so heinrich old from the employment agency.

Friendly full words like “unfortunately” should the communication improve, so that z.B. The sanctioned alg-ii receptionist the benevolence of the agency spurt, if notified to him that his rule rate is procured by 30%. But not enough – the employment agency also wants the texts in itself, which deals with the contest of services, the implication of benefits, the incremental against various paragraphs, etc. Custom, understandable figures. Path from the paragraph jungle and the substantiation, towards a simple, pracisential.

Lawsult – short, sry

How to imagine this, you can already reading – because there is an example of the new burgernahe. Because during the old version of a notice, this applicable bandwurth set was found full of paragraph rider:

They are or. Commissioned according to § 60 first book social code (sgb i) committed to the authorities referred to above all changes in the ratios, which are considerable for performance. This obligation, they have not met at least grossly smooth (§ 48 abs. 1 sentence 2 no. 2 tenth book social code – sgb x). In the time of 15.10.2009 to 31.10.In 2009, benefits under sgb ii were wrongly paid in the highlighted high

Should this be replaced by the adjusted bandwurth set as follows:

Since they have not reported a considerable change in their ratios according to the existing documents in their ratios, a surcharge has arisen

This concedes the federal agency for work also in the corresponding press release.

In fact, this new formulation form is clearly pracier and let the decision to understand the same, what “thing is”. No more unnotical legal bases more, no flowery boom of paragraphs – just the facts, how to say in new german. If one considers the trendy form of communication that spat at least since twitter (but ultimately remembers only to the early telegrams), so it is probably expected to be in the afternut “change not displayed in good time – short” or simply and moving: short. Whereby these perpendicular pragnant form is not so completely equipped with the new fullworks, but one “short, sry” yes too.

Likeness is only that this new turmoil then also the inclined decision-making (which was now quasi-decision was said) could no longer be clear, whereupon the decision actually stalls, because the legal basis was tinkered in the course of simplification times. Now only the shortness of the legal remedy basis is missing and everything is much better and “easier”. At least it was allowed “easier” be opposed to such a decision.

It remains to be hoped that the restriction presented by the employment agency only quasi the “grace text” represents, which is then sent by the complete text including the legal basis, because otherwise such an idea is not only a pipe talker, but also a sure reason to get the notice of the earnings to get the ears. It is nothing to say, to simplify official german, but should the employment agency be in fact that a omission of legal bases for decisions is the right way, then the definition was allowed for “modern and fresh” probably “absurd” ring.

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