Kiesewetter murder: federal prosecutor's office denied investigators files

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Nsu committee in stuttgart asks clarification of the "fbi question"

"Were two fbi agents at the theresienwiese crime scene at the time of the attack on the two police officers in heilbronn in april 2007 and witnessed the shooting??" this question, which the nsu investigation committee ii (ua) of the state parliament of baden-wurttemberg had investigated at its last meetings, has now been put on hold for the time being.

It is waiting for a written "statement of facts" of the federal intelligence service (bnd), as committee chairman wolfgang drexler, spd, explained to the press. Afterwards, it will be decided whether further witnesses are to be heard. In december 2011, after the nsu was exposed, the bnd is said to have received information from the u.S. About the presence of two fbi agents at the police murder and to have declined an offer to talk to them. This is the result of an internal correspondence, which telepolis has published.

At the last ua meeting in december 2016, former bnd president ernst uhrlau denied the facts in a non-official session. So far, the contents of the letters had not been confirmed by any bnd official, the committee heard. To confront uhrlau with the fact that the letters bear his signature obviously did not occur to the deputies.

Further witnesses

The fact is that there are other witnesses to the fbi question who have come forward and who are also known to the committee. The report of the bnd is expected in these days.

Nevertheless, the committee questioned a representative of the bundesamt fur verfangsschutz (bfv) named "michael ackrath" nevertheless after the fbi trace. Perhaps because his answer was to be expected. He gave the information of the office against the bundestag again, one has "no knowledge of the presence of us services or other intelligence services" on the day of the crime in heilbronn. The majority of the committee doubts the fbi trail and would rather have the ie off the table yesterday than today.

The audience was able to listen to the bfv man for 20 minutes, who was questioned in an adjoining room, but not visibly, before the questioning was continued in camera. This part lasted then nearly two hours. Nothing was known about the contents.

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