Las vegas massacre: a country confronted with its own culture of violence

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In the us society, overloaded with firearms and trimmed for military violence, the motive of the suicidal mass murderer, a mirror image of the islamist suicide bomber, is being discussed

A "gunman" or a "shooter" has been in las vegas on the more than 20.000 attendees of a country music festival shot and killed nearly 60 people and injured 500. It was the final concert with country singer jason aldean on sunday night when stephen craig paddock, a 64-year-old weiber american from las vegas, was shot from a hotel room in the 32. Stick fired indiscriminately at the visitors with an automatic rifle. Two hours later, police reported that the attacker, equipped with 23 firearms, including automatic rifles, had been found dead in the hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide.

Another "run amok" so, the one "mass piracy" as a suicide bomber, as is so common, especially in the u.S. (u.S.: the land of spree killings and mass slayings). Exception this time is that the shooter was an older man, otherwise, as with suicide bombers, the rampage killers are mostly young men, women are exceptions. The police quickly came to the conclusion that this was a lone perpetrator with no obvious extremist background. Initially, a motive was not known. But paddock had set a record and now tops the list: "worst mass shooting" or "deadliest in us history", until he is surpassed by the next suicidal mass murderer.

The police knew nothing about him. Eric paddock, the shooter’s brother, fell out of the sky, he said, when he heard about the crime. According to the brother, who lives in florida, his brother was not religious or political, nor was he mentally ill and had no alcohol or drug problems. He had not known him as a gun nut, either; he had had a few firearms, but no automatic ones. Where he got the automatic weapons, he reportedly does not know. However, he already had an arsenal with him in the hotel with 23 firearms. Another 19 firearms, explosives and several thousand rounds of ammunition were found in his home. Not a gun nut?

He had also not been in the military: "he is just a person who lived in a house in mesquite, went to las vegas and gambled there." he seems to have been professionally inclined to gambling, especially video poker, probably made a living from it – and not a bad one at that. Reportedly 250.000 us dollars that he is said to have once won. He is said to have had no debts. He is said to have moved to mesquite from reno in 2016 and, according to media reports, lived there in a quiet "retirement community". He is said to have managed an apartment complex in mesquite, texas, since 2000, which he owned and where he also lived for some time. Most recently, he resided in mesquite, nevada.

Las vegas massacre: a country confronted with its own culture of violence

The culprit: stephen paddock

But there are different stories that the media are collecting. He does not seem to have been poor, it is reported that he owned a house in florida and two airplanes. His brother says he could have afforded anything. He was reportedly married but had no children, but the divorce took place 27 years ago. Initially, his current girlfriend or roommate, marilou danley, 62, who had moved in there in january 2017, had come under suspicion. She is from the philippines, lived in australia for a long time and then moved to the u.S., where she worked in casinos, most recently in reno. But police took her out of the country after questioning her and said she was not involved in the incident.

The perpetrator’s father was reportedly a bank robber who escaped from prison in 1968 and ended up on the fbi’s most-wanted list. He received a prison sentence for robbing a bank in arizona. He was on the run for three years until the fbi was able to recapture him in las vegas in 1971. In his time he was considered "particularly dangerous", because he used firearms in crimes and had been diagnosed as a psychopath.

The "news agency" the islamic state yesterday spread the claim that paddock had converted to islam several months ago. It is called "soldier of the islamic state" who had responded to calls to carry out attacks in coalition countries, and was reportedly given the name abou abd el-bir al-amriki. So far, the is has not provided any evidence, not even the often-used farewell video. Normally, is demands that the perpetrator make some kind of sign or pledge allegiance to is. So far, there is nothing to suggest that the is does not only want to make propaganda in order to attract attention again.

The fbi had announced that there was no evidence of links to international terrorism, that is, islamist terrorist groups. So far this has not been contradicted. For donald trump, the "mass shooting", which may well be considered an attack or even a terrorist attack, in any case politically inconvenient. Should the perpetrator be considered "is soldier" it becomes clear that entry bans and walls at the border, as well as the entire border protection, are of no use if "lone wolf" in the usa without an arab or islamic background to be infected by the precepts of the is.

Even if it was "only" it was a spree killer, a rage burgher, a desperate or a life muder, who killed himself according to the ritualized script with an extended suicide in a final attention spectacle, the fear created by trump and the right-wing in the u.S. As everywhere else, especially of muslim immigrants, but also of immigrants originating from latin america, would at least be questioned.

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