Mosul: From the Leyen criticizes Turkish interference

Mosul with brucke uber the tigris. Photo: u.S. Army / common-free

"The sovereignty of other states must be respected." meanwhile, an expert focuses on energy policy interests of turkey in the region, which also relate to europe

The german defense minister ursula von der leyen has that "intervention of the turkish army in the mosul offensive" criticized and confused that with the turkey "unmistly" be talked. One is obvious in the anti-is coalition guided by the usa. "The sovereignty of other states must be respected."

Whether the turkical lead is roughly impressive, is to doubt, because for them are elementary interests on the game, like the turkish publicist h. Akın is considered in an article about the strategic relevance of mosul and his hinterland.

Unused, lecturer for international relationship at the istanbul kadir has university, works as his website identifies, with the ratio between kurds and turken and with energy levels. He worked u.A. For the general secretariat of the council of the european union, for the turkish ministry of au. In his cv also find also think-tankstations, the eurasian center for strategic studies and the washington institute for near east policy.

The extent to which this is reflected in its political positioning and judge the readers themselves in his analysis. His thesis has to do with energy ies and much with the ratio between the turks and the kurds in northern iraq. It is mainly due to the fact that the turkish government can not all be able to intervene in the fight for the art control of mosuls.

Not only does he bring the mostly cited historical ingot into the game, the turkish interest in evaporating the pkk and the reconstruction of a secret service network in mosul, which was lost through the city’s is conquest, but also the influence on the kurdish government in the autonomous region in northern iraq and the related trade in ol and natural gas as well as pipelines.

Uberlandstrasen, which drove uber mosul, connect the city with erbil, kirkuk and suleimaniya. Who controls the straws, control the transport and "the replenishment of half of the iraqi population", so unuttered. This is particularly interesting because the olfelder at kirkuk also connected via a highway with mosoul. So that the export of ol into turkey also.

Water supply and pipelines

The kurdish regional government (krg) has a great deal of influence in several vital affairs, on the water supply of mosul, because the peshmerga has important damages of tigris under control. This is that the krg will have a key role in the art pipeline projects concerning the interests of european market and russia. Almost every strategic resource that needs mosul, strongly from the krg and the peshmerga. The turkey, so let’s understand, have a rough interest in building roughly influence here.

All the more than mosul at the center of planning of art pipelines (see krg-turkey gas pipeline), which connect the gas fields of dschamdschamāl, tuz churgatu and khor mor.

The conflict, which is in the background of the background, concern the eu’s care with natural gas and the russian interest in avoiding it that europe is supplied via pipelines, which could establish itself as an alternative to the russian. Turkey play a big role.

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