The iraq loop

"Mission accomplished" hen it hit in may 2003: "victory!", "the end of the main battle". A year and a half later, victory is declared in the decisive battle of the "second iraq war" – against the insurgents – declared: the operation "morning red" in fallujah has ended victoriously. Officially. Curtain closed. And all questions unanswered.

Since the 15.November, when the u.S. Military has declared control of the city, there are only scattered reports of what is happening in fallujah. The "corporate media", such a venomous reckoning from the pen of the american "indie journalists" mike whitney, instead of fulfilling their duty to report, were forced to adhere to the imposed "total news blackout" hold. In this way, the military can reduce the city to rubble while the world public is kept blind.

Despite the sparse news (cf. The model city) from the still embattled city of fallujah, a look at the current military confrontations in iraq shows that so far the skeptics and critics of the major offensive on the rebel stronghold have been proven right. The military calculus of the american strategists did not work out. Much has been risked with operation "morning red", hardly anything gained and much lost. How the "bring ’em on"- statistics of the "daily war news" clearly show, coalition forces and iraqi security forces are grappling with pockets of unrest throughout the country, from the north to the south. The "security situation" is worse than ever, the chaos in the country coarser than ever before. There is no question of control.

It is not surprising, then, that in the face of these developments, more and more polemics are appearing that point out, with barely concealed glee, that the nimbus of the invincibility of the american military has been lost.

The latest offensive against pockets of resistance, which is to focus on mahmudjia and other hotbeds of unrest in southern baghdad, was not allowed to do much to change that. The determination with which it is announced betrays at the same time the helplessness of the american and iraqi forces in the guerrilla war. Individual spectacular actions illustrate the clout of the "insurgents" and the powerlessness of the american and. Iraqi protection guarantees: for example, the suicide attack on an american unit preparing for christmas celebrations in a tent near mosul, in which 22 american soldiers lost their lives, or the "house bomb" tuesday, a tricky ambush that claimed the lives of six iraqi police officers and 22 civilians. They demonstrate that the intimidation to which election workers and the electorate are subjected is capped by brutal violence against which there seems to be no remedy. So the prospects for the election at the end of january are bad. But this election was the main target of the military operations in fallujah.

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