Oligarchy in panic mode

Bernie sanders. Image: gage skidmore/cc by-2.0

The united states’ functional elites are losing control of the political process in the primary campaign

First they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win. The campaign of socialist u.S. Presidential candidate bernie sanders now appears to be past the stage of hard-nosed ignorance by the mainstream media and the u.S. Democratic party establishment.

In 2019, newspapers and television stations owned by the coarse media conglomerates that dominate public opinion had avoided an in-depth debate with sanders by taking a journalistic line that he had no significant chance of winning the nomination, the progressive web presence commondreams recapped in a year-end commentary.

But with the vermont senator’s popularity ratings on the rise, influential media outlets such as the new york times and politico had now begun looking at the option of a democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders. This means that the strategy of being largely ignored by the mass media will now turn into relentless attacks to wage a war against the socialist "total propaganda war" against the socialist. Even for pro-business democrats, attempts to marginalize sanders in 2019 have not paid off. 2020 he must expect consequently with violent attacks.

In the poll results of the democratic primaries, which are often simply manipulated by the mass media, the initially rough, more than 20 percent lead of the party establishment candidate, joe biden, has shrunk to just a few numbers over bernie sanders. Depending on the poll, the two candidates are either tied or joe biden is in a slight lead, with the moderate left, social democratic candidate elizabeth warren – whose affiliation tends towards the bernie sanders camp – mostly in third place.

Meanwhile, even mainstream media outlets like cnn acknowledge that the democratic primary was fought between sanders and biden. But these polls hardly reflect the fundamental shifts at the base of the democratic party that are the foundation of the sanders campaign’s success – and are also the key difference from his 2016 democratic primary campaign, where he was de facto cheated out of victory by the pro-business party establishment around hillary clinton (clintongate) (the managed primary).

Transformation of the political spectrum to the left

Particularly in many metropolitan areas of the united states, a fundamental transformation of the political spectrum is currently taking place, in which the coarse urban regions have been "sharp left" as the news magazine politico put it. Local democratic party bosses, who for decades have shown no signs of life on the left "smash" could now find themselves under massive prere from a strengthening progressive grassroots movement to support sanders or warren. It was a "drastic shift" in metropolitan areas such as chicago, new york or los angeles, which in 2016 were still united behind hillary clinton – and where now, prompted by a mass left-wing movement, socialist candidates are increasingly winning elections.

The agenda of deep, progressive and structural change has ignited a powerful grassroots movement, leftist maurice mitchell, who supports elizabeth warren, told politico. The local democratic politicians are the first to "these changes must track and adapt to". According to mitchell, the neoliberal party establishment is gradually losing control of the party apparatus "power of the machine", she said "considerable and very real", but there were limits to what was possible within the apparatus, he said. In populous california alone, sanders, who was largely isolated within the party in 2016, has now managed to get support for his candidacy from 40 elected party politicians, 80 local representatives, and more than 200 academics in the democratic party environment.

Since in the political system of the united states it is above all access to abundant financial sources that determines the prospects of an eventual election victory, which guarantees the u.S. Oligarchy the corresponding dominance in the political process, it is precisely the donation income of the socialist candidate sanders that is a good indicator of the mass support for his candidacy. Sanders has pledged never to accept money from america’s billionaire caste – and yet the socialist could raise more money in 2019 than even the party establishment candidates challenged by billionaires.

The sanders campaign was able to collect petty cash from millions of u.S. Citizens, averaging $20 and reeling in about $34 million in campaign coffers in the fourth quarter of 2019 alone. But for sanders, a broad, progressive movement is not a means to a campaign end. In an interview, he made it clear that – unlike former democratic hopeful and president obama – he wasn’t thinking of simply throwing off and paralyzing this mass movement after an eventual election victory. On the contrary "million grassroots movement", to put further prere on congress, the pro-business establishment, after the election to "initiate the change this country so desperately needs", sanders said in an interview.

Left-wing politicians can no longer be bought

Symbolic for this political shift to the left in the direction of decidedly anti-capitalist forces in the metropolitan regions is precisely the city on the west coast of the usa that is considered the birthplace of the movement critical of globalization: seattle. The coarse city, where in 1999 the famous "battle of seattle" was fought out, in november 2019 again turned into the scene of a bitterly fought political battle, in which the u.S. Oligarchy suffered a resounding defeat with a national signal effect.

Amazon oligarch jeff bezos, whose company is notorious for its brutal, inhumane working conditions, chose the regional elections in seattle as a testing ground for a new campaign strategy aimed at attacking and crushing the left that is forming at the local level. To buy the election to the city council by the letter, the billionaire invested an allowance of $ 1.5 million in 2019. Compared to the previous city council election, the sum is equivalent to a tenfold increase in amazon’s expenditures for the election campaign "business-friendly" competitors were considered. Observers saw this approach as a test balloon to be copied in other regions if successful.

Seattle is home to amazon’s headquarters – and at the same time, a strong, anti-capitalist left is active on the city council, which, in the form of socialist kshama sawant, drew the hatred of the richest man in the world after she launched a "amazon tax" whose proceeds would be used to fight rampant homelessness in the city, won the election.

Despite the historically unprecedented funding bezos poured into the campaign in his "backyard" kshama sawant, a member of the party, was able to "socialist alternative", was able to win the election. Shortly after her election victory, she announced that she would once again begin the process of implementing an amazon tax to use the proceeds to fund housing for the homeless.

Functional elites of the "fossil capitalism"

For the u.S. Oligarchy, which since the neoliberal turn in the 1980s has become increasingly accustomed to simply buying elections and politicians, this development – in which social democrats or even socialists prevail at the ballot box – is thus taking on threatening proportions.

Threatening, on the one hand, because of the impending loss of informal influence, seems to be the fact that with warren and sanders, two progressive politicians – in the case of sanders, even a declared socialist – have good prospects in the race for the democratic party nomination, who want to revise the oligarchic savagery of the state apparatus, in which it degenerated into a plaything of competing capital factions, in order to restore it to its function as a "idealistic total capitalist" (marx) to restore.

In the course of social democratic reforms, the overall interest of the capitalist system, rather than the oligarchic individual interest, once again became the maxim of state action. But there is more at stake than the mere loss of individual influence in favor of the form of capitalist domination mediated by the judicial and state apparatuses. The rise of sanders is particularly threatening to the functional elite of the "fossil capitalism", as the latter already announced to hold those responsible for sabotaging climate policy in the past decades criminally accountable.

In the meantime, the climate ie has become a matter for capital and "more business-friendly" politics the nerves bare. One tends to the post-democratic ban. Not only the reactionary government of australia is leading the way by promoting bans on climate protests, but also amazon threatened wage earners with dismissal for being climate activists.

Democratic party sends bloomberg into field against sanders

Within the democratic party, the oligarchy is thus going to direct confrontation with the social democratic and socialist left. The candidacy announced in november by billionaire michael bloomberg, who previously bought his way into the mayoralty of new york, is not directed against donald trump but against bernie sanders, the campaign of the socialist senator from vermont has said. Bloomberg’s decision to enter the democratic primary campaign came after a meeting with amazon oligarch bezos, whose media empire – particularly the one seen as an "serios" valid amazon paper washington post – insistent sanders attacks.

Bloomberg could within a single month "pocket money" of 100 million u.S. Dollars to advertise itself on all channels. It had been a historically unprecedented advertising campaign, based on the "unlimited budget" bloomberg, political analysts told politico. In the face of higher taxes threatened by sanders and warren for the billionaire caste, such spending, which would saturate the ad blocks of the major networks in the billionaire ad "saturated", barely into the weight.

And yet, it also revealed the limits of money power in the face of an electorate that has undergone massive, crisis-induced pauperization in recent decades. Bloomberg is dumping within the field of candidates at popularity ratings of five percent, so his path to the democratic presidential nomination "almost impossible" appears to be, as u.S. Media put it.

The politically ambitious billionaire has also already fabricated his first scandal, symbolic of the crisis-induced savagery of the u.S. Political system. Bloomberg’s campaign used forced laborers from the united states’ largely privatized prison system to make ad calls for the billionaire.

Republicans establish a "ultra-conservative" politicized judiciary

Even within the republican party, the "security" the trump administration is in full swing in the event of an electoral defeat – through a politicization of the judiciary that has been "trump judges" is being. The republican-controlled senate made every effort in recent months to pass hundreds of "ultraconservative" appoint federal judges who will shape the jurisprudence of the u.S. Judicial system in the future, nongovernmental organizations warned in late 2019.

What does "ultraconservative" in trump’s america? Some of the legal interpreters who are now expected to make law for life at the helm of the judicial system refused to agree to the historic 1954 brown vs board of education court decision. In this lawsuit, racial segregation in public schools in the united states was found to be unlawful.

So far, by hook or by crook, in a historically unprecedented push, 187 such "trump judges" been appointed to positions that in civilized times would simply be considered far-right. Often these political judges, who are distinguished by their work in the many right-wing think tanks of the usa, have at best marginal judicial experience.

A particularly salient example is the newly minted "federal judge" sarah pitlyk, an "drone" (esquire) of the libertarian-conservative federalist society’s verfangstaliban, a reactionary think-tank that has been the literal interpretation of the u.S. Verfang in the 21. Propagated in the nineteenth century. Ms. Federal judge pitlyk has never presided over a trial, she has never examined a witness or selected a jury.

She is known as a tough anti-abortion activist. The calculus behind these mass appointments of judicially inferior, often plainly far-right federal judges, of whom republicans are also proud, is evident: with a "ultraconservative" politicized judiciary, any progressive political change is to be stopped in its tracks by judges who mourn segregation.

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