The energy and climate week show: about problems with gas supply, coalition-internal quarrels around the solar performance and the cost-cut effects of the solar power

Anyone who had thought of merkel sweetheart and the energy-political decisions of the last year of the year, the energy transition was now in dry traffickers, which was allowed to look at the latest these days in which once again really mood against sun, wind co. Is made.

Rwe manager starts a campaign with support of the springer group, which is intended to undermine confidence in the climate science (lignite loans explain us the climate) and the local nuclear phase-out and sunbathing is made responsible for france’s supply-sengpasse (see: waiting for the blackout in france and a schooner extrapist).

The focus domed on tuesday, the federal ministry of economics have convened a crisis rod due to the threatening bottleneck in electricity and gas supply. Which will inform you of the federal network agency and the energy suppliers, but the reports were considered confidential. First of all requirements for an open and honest debate on the state of the energy transition.

Anyway, there is no reason for any reason for the purpose. In sudsutschland, there had been some problems with the supply. In karlsruhe, for example, after an agency report, a gas power plant had to be shut down for a short time. The russian exporters had lowered the contingent for sudsutschland to the contractual minimum, but that was only due to the cause of the problem that seems to be homemade. According to government information, bottlenecks made in the pipeline network between north to suddeutschland dafur that could not be sufficiently replaced. Actually, there is sufficient gas storage in this country, which could ensure the supply of many weeks.

Gas pipelines to europe. Dashed the route of the north stream pipeline running through the baltic sea, which was put into operation last november. In your western end, however, the route is not displayed correctly. The landing is in lubmin in the nearby greifswald. Image: library of the university of texas

In the case of russia is the big supplier, but germany relates significantly less than half of its needs from there. In 2010, according to the federal ministry of economics, 13 percent of consumption came from domestic production. Imports came to 39.2 percent from russia, 35 percent from norway and 21.5 percent from the netherlands. 4.2 percent accounted for other countries under which danemark is among other things. However, domestic production is jerking, because the storage stacks are coming.

The question remains which conclusions from the pretend problems in sudsutschland? More memory on site? Expansion of the german wire capacity? Meaningful goods definitely finish the biogas wild growth and create more incentives for their treatment and feed into the natural gas network. In addition, the construction of so-called wind gas projects should be promoted, which also use methane for the production of hydrogen or later in the production of hydrogen or later (the natural gas can contain in the german network in addition to methane up to fun percent hydrogen).

Continue arguing for photovoltaics

Meanwhile, the trap of the liberal minister of economic affairs philipp rosler becomes more and more abstruse against solar energy. Latest variant: only for a part of the electricity produced per system a guaranteed temper should pay, so that the application is punished particularly advanced technology and the use of the best locations (see: forced energy inefficiency). His party colleague, the lower sachsian environment minister stefan birkner is still a bit more flexible and commits itself to limit the installation with a rigid lid, as it is also in the discussion. He wants to start upstairs gradually.

If the solar energy is actually braked, the lower sachsian state government, in which birkner is sitting, have been allowed to implement problems that their beginning of the month decided to implement energy concept. By 2020, 90 percent of the electricity consumed between ems and elbe should be placed by renewable energy carriers. Currently there are 33 percent. However, birkner hopes above all on the expansion of offshore wind farms, but its history of the last twists is above all a history of delays. Without photovoltaics, he will hardly reach his ambitious goal.

Also in the cdu, resistance to the bald struggle wanted by rosler and the cdu economic council. The black red, or. Black-yellow state governments saxony, thuringens and saxony-anhalt, which houses the gros of the german solar industry, are not particularly pleased about the tarp. Thuringen’s cdu minister presenter christine lieberknecht demanded that shortness. Otherwise, there will be a blockade of the three countries.

But black-yellow has no majority in the bundesrat anyway and was therefore allowed to have difficulties to enforce an eeg amendment with too drastic shorts for the solar industry.

Closeup of solar power modules. Image: bsw-solar / upmann

Solar power is becoming increasingly favorable

Meanwhile, the federal association of solar industries (bsw) warns of the massive loss of workplaces. The association points out that the consumption only on the 1. January was lowered. Together with the for the 1. July in the eeg in its current form for the next step, this results in a reduction of 28 percent.

Already in the next year, in the current pace, the free of solar power will arrive at the level of the offshore wind. This will hardly be noticeable in the electricity price. If the solar power share was climbed to cover the consumption of currently four percent to 6.8 percent in 2016, the electricity price was only increased by almost two percent.

This refers in the incorporation to the current calculation of the eeg surcharge, which is formed from the difference between the paid packages and the boric prices on the respective day. Now wind and solar power have the property to print the bores price, whereupon the federal association renewable energy (bee) again. This increases the surcharge on the one hand without the need for real cost. The surcharge of course was the same from the difference to a fixed price, which was thus the target value.

The boron trip prices are other than many asserted by the final shutdown of eight nuclear power plants and the government’s energy policy course did not rise. On the contrary: wind and solar energy reduce the prices on the electricity borse.

Bee prasident dietmar protection

Germany is after the shutdown eight reactors – of which two have already stagnated anyway for several years – to secure his care not on permanent imports from the neighboring countries. Different allegations turned out to be “plump propaganda of the old energy industry and its composites”, so the association in a press secretation. The contracts for electricity deliveries in the next three years (futures) were sinking. In other words, the electricity handlers expect a secure and favorable power supply.

Cost killer

In december, especially the many storms for the throttling of the borsenpreis. At the spot market, so the bee, so where short-term electricity deliveries are traded for the current or the following day, the price has been a maximum of 50 euros per megawatt hour (funf cents per kilowatt-hour) and was thus around 15 euros gunstiger than in the previous months.

The bsw had to examine the effects of solar power on the boral price in a study. Result: on average, the solar power has reduced the borsenstrom 2011 by ten percent, at peak times also by up to 40 percent. An essential reason for this is that he is at the rich in the maturity in the morning and at noon at the richest.

According to the study, the borsenkunden, of course mostly larger companies, saved between 520 to 840 million euros. The corresponded to a price reduction of four to six euros per megawatt hour. “There is talked much about the cost of solar power”, says bsw-general carsten carsten kornig. “The izes study shows that solar power already has relief price effects today.” of those, so it is to be done, nothing arrives at the consumer, but that is hardly the renewable toll.

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