Tape from the university of arkansas archives puts the presidential prosecutor in a bind

Rape is an offense in which the presentation of evidence is often problematic. It often turns out that defendants were wrongly accused – such as teacher horst a. (who served a five-and-a-half-year prison term), dortmund’s thomas e. (who was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison) or weather presenter jorg kachelmann. Therefore, it is particularly important for a constitutional state that defendants have good lawyers at their disposal and that they are not deterred from taking on such mandates by inquisition-like public prere.

Nor can former u.S. Secretary of state hillary clinton be blamed for the fact that in 1975, in the backwoods southern state of arkansas, she had thomas alfred t. Defended, who was accused of raping a twelve-year-old girl together with another man. Now-surfaced interview footage from the 1980s, however, suggests that while clinton did everything she could to secure the lowest possible sentence for her client – she maintained a problematic and rather tactical relationship with the truth. The recordings were made by reporter roy reed for an article that never appeared. An employee of free beacon discovered it allegedly unlangst in the archives of the university of arkansas in fayetteville.

A cleanup of clinton in this footage suggests that the 1975 27-year-old newly minted lawyer was supporting her client, thomas alfred t. Considered himself guilty: according to her, the fact that it passed a lie detector test destroyed even her last faith in this technology. Clinton laughs at these remarks.

Hillary clinton. Photo: united states department of state.

Last week, the now 52-year-old, who was twelve years old in 1975, told the daily beast that she still suffers from the way the u.S. Presidential candidate 39 years ago portrayed her as a little slut who preys on older men.

Specifically, the now-incapacitated and long-drug-addicted woman accuses the politician of claiming that the allegation clinton made to the court at the time, that the victim had previously accused other men of rape, was absolutely untrue. However, the lawyer did not achieve an acquittal with these claims and with a trick to an expert opinion about a blood-stained underpants, but a deal with the court: thomas alfred t. Got off with a relatively small prison sentence of twelve months for this deal.

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