Real game of thrones: habemus donald

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Instead of an unctuous sunday sermon, the new emperor delivers a dark message at his inauguration "f*ck you" to the old dominion

As befits the exceptionalist kingdom, the crowning of king donald was celebrated with exceptional festivities. Nearly a million people came to the capital, including a large number of demonstrators protesting against the new king. The real game of thrones is not finished with the accession to the throne, it only goes into a new round. His inaugural address, then, sounded less like an unctuous sunday sermon and more like a sinister "f*ck you" to the old rule. By chance donald sounded like the bose from the popular light show "batman".

Meanwhile, the interview with the new emperor, which was conducted by a well-known herald from merkel land and which queen angela and her minister of war were so excited about, also made waves in other countries. Because donald called the old defense alliance nato a "obsolete" when he asked who he trusted more, the queen of merkel or vladimir, the ruler of the eastern empire, whom one could only trust, he shocked them even more "putin" called.

"Both equal", donald had answered, "but i do not know how long" … And thus frightened the entire western world. The veteran vassal queen angela, which one also "the rhombus" or "the pantsuit" to put the man who had always fulfilled the demands of the white house and the invisible masters of intelligence on the same level as vladimir the terrible could only be seen as a further affront to the "dangerous" donald to be understood.

Whereas angela, at the insistence of the masters of intelligence and against the will of all the merchants and businessmen of her country, had recently imposed sanctions against the empire of the ultrabose. The reason was a failed coup, which the masters in ukraine had arranged, in order to be able to place nato catapults directly in front of the ultrabose’s front door in the future. Then the perfidious putin manipulated with his thought beams more than 80% of the population of the crimean peninsula, which then overnight broke away from ukraine and joined his empire. Thus the plan of the masters to control with the crimea also the most important harbor of the eastern empire and vladimir’s fleet failed and they called all the world to "aggression" of this conquest – in which, of course, thanks to the magic of the ultrabose, not a single shot had been fired – and to punish them with sanctions.

Donald now considers these sanctions to be nonsense and would rather make a deal with putin and lift them in exchange for the latter reducing his arsenal of hypertodal nuclear maces. This sounds like a win-win, because the exceptionalist kingdom is exceptionally inferior in these weapons, so a reduction would not be a threat to the security of the eastern kingdom. Und fur donalds "westeros" such a deal could mean extremely lucrative trade and change with the vast country, which in its "sibirischen schatztruhe" uber mehr als ein drittel aller rohstoffe der gesamten welt verfugt.

For merkel, too, with its many factories and workshops dependent on energy and raw materials, good trade relations with its eastern neighbor have been extremely beneficial, but the queen and her ministers are still in a state of shock at the new wind that has recently blown across the atlantic. The think tanks have not yet provided them with any new text modules. Thus, the pantsuit angela had still nolend during the congratulations to the newly elected the observance of the "human rights" and the auben minister, who donald had previously called a "hate preachers" did not congratulate him at first.

The fact that one should pay homage to a new emperor if one wants to create favorable conditions for one’s vassal state was something they had obviously never heard of, although it has been taught at all diplomatic schools since the times of the roman emperor augustus. Otherwise, they had immediately after an audience in the 66th district. The queen and her ministers are still in shock over the new wind that has recently blown across the atlantic, but the queen and her ministers are still in shock over the new wind that has recently blown across the atlantic …

King donald could not have said no, after all, his ancestors came from what is now merkel country. And if his grandfather had not been expelled from the country by the king of the time – because instead of doing military service he had earned money in the new world in the entertainment business, with which he had returned to the palatinate to settle down – then perhaps there would be more high-rise buildings in kallstadt today than in manhattan, from where donald now rules the world.

Better to rebuild the dilapidated domestic roads and bridges instead of destroying them in other countries

When asked what his first political priority as the new king would be, donald answered with just four letters: "isis". Meant were of course the wahabi-salafist wrap-around sluts and their "caliphate", from where they send home terrorists to all kingdoms. A heavyweight and chief of military intelligence, general flynn, had seen the emergence of this terrorist state coming and also that his masters – obama and hillary – did not want to do anything about it because these terrorists seemed useful to them. When flynn protested, he was fired – and now reinstated by donald as the kingdom’s top security adviser.

One of flynn’s handlers, zbig brzezinski, was under the "peanut"-king carter once fell for the crazy idea of equipping fanatical koran lovers with heavy weapons and calling them "holy warriors" for desired regime changes, a strategy that the masters of intelligence had maintained until the end. But this was to be the end of the matter: "we defeated fascism together with stalin, so we will defeat islamism together with putin", one of donald’s unofficial military advisors, the founder of the infamous blackwater stormtroopers, expressed his confidence in this regard.

Thus, new constellations seem to be brewing on the geopolitical chessboard: could don and wlad form a dynamic duo and eliminate the is? They made a deal about their respective "zones of influence" get there? And slogans for the other players in the region – the head-down monarchs of the saudis, who finance the is, the aggressive king bibi, who wants to constantly brutalize his empire at the expense of his neighbors, and sultan erdogan, who has something similar in mind?

In any case, in his first speech after the inauguration, donald said "action" and that he will get the is "from the face of the earth". Most of the people in the exceptionalist congo and in the other countries found that quite good, because this "holy warriors" were not popular anywhere – except with the masters of intelligence who had once cultivated them and last used them in the war against king assad.

Donald’s announcement that in the future he would worry first and foremost about his kingdom and would rather rebuild the dilapidated domestic roads and bridges instead of destroying them in other countries was also buried everywhere. If and how he will manage all this, there was still scepticism about it. The fact that the exceptionalists under donald the first now apparently want to take care of themselves for a while was perceived by the rest of the world with a sigh of relief …

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