Western policy makes clear distinctions: mh17 victims are pointed to for political gain, gaza civilian casualties are looked away from

Hundreds of civilian deaths are occurring in armed conflicts that are currently taking place simultaneously. But the evaluation and the treatment are very different. The bombing of gaza, where the majority of the more than 500 dead so far are civilians – including a great many children – is being pointed to by everyone from german chancellor angela merkel to u.S. President barack obama as israel’s "right to self-defense" justified. Civilian palestinian victims are hidden here. In the case of the mh17 plane, which was presumably shot down over eastern ukraine, the civilian victims are being vehemently abused politically in order to stir up public opinion.

Leaving aside the important questions of whether the malaysia airlines plane was actually shot down last week or who is responsible for it. Firstly, it is not even clear yet whether the mh17 was shot down, and secondly, it is still unclear who is responsible if the plane was indeed shot down. That is why it is so remarkable that immediately after the crash the perpetrators in the "separatists" were found in eastern ukraine with alleged russian support from western politicians. At the same time, the investigation had not even begun. Instead of waiting for the results after the initial shock, sobered, attempts are made to confirm the initial version.

Such events should set alarm bells ringing. For they make clear, independent of a real or possible perpetration, that the search for the causes and perpetrators is not in the foreground, but that the event is to be used politically. In this context, it is worth recalling a similarly dramatic event almost exactly ten years ago, when almost 200 people were murdered in madrid suburban trains. The basque underground organization eta was immediately identified as the culprit (bloody election campaign in spain).

Quick blame on the basis of political interests

This version, pushed by spanish conservatives, was initially adopted almost uncritically worldwide. It led despite credible denials ("the eta denial does not fit madrid’s needs") and early indications of islamist perpetrators even led the un security council to adopt this version. In the resolution 1530 were "the attacks in madrid perpetrated by eta" condemned in the strongest terms. For the first time the un had to correct a resolution after spain had to apologize for its lies (spain apologizes to the united nations).

Such events should be kept in mind when quick recriminations are made. Also alarming were the alleged "evidence" of weapons of mass destruction in iraq, which even caused an illegal war to break out. The handling of the airplane tragedy makes it clear that here, too, the aim is escalation.

The way in which the victims of the accident are currently being used speaks for itself. One can draw a parallel here to the events that once took place on the maidan, as does the former defense policy spokesman of the cdu/csu and ex-vice president of the osce, willy wimmer. He talks about the fact that clearing up even with a "the evidence does not matter to the boundlessly willing ‘quality press’" and therefore sees a "moral depravity" (red alert).

In the case of the snipers on the maidan, however, journalists have tried to clarify who was responsible for the bloodbath of dozens of demonstrators and police officers in the events in kiev last february. This is still not clear. It is clear, however, that the blame was placed on one side just as quickly as in the case of mh17 and that the victims were misused for political purposes.

Even today, the perpetrators are not really clear. And it is precisely in kiev that there seems to be no interest in clearing up the situation. In any case, the ard journalists noted that various leads were not followed up there (bloodbath on the maidan: who were the death guards??).

The victims of the disaster are being used for bellicose propaganda

And today it is even more obvious that the victims of the presumably shot down plane will be used for the same or similar purposes in kiev. In view of the uninvolved victims, the debate is deliberately heavily charged morally in order to create a dangerous bellicose mood and to be able to rely on a further militarization of foreign policy (dare more war).

That victims are not equal to victims has been demonstrated by ukraine’s action against the "pro-russians" in the east of the country have already shown very clearly. The exaltation of western politicians over the deaths of civilians in eastern ukraine, which are due to the actions of the ukrainian army, is very limited. These civilians have long been marked with the stamp "separatists" or "terrorists" and thus obviously their suffering can be faded out. This would be different, of course, if it could be abused for one’s own political goals. Therefore, if we compare the situation in eastern ukraine with what once happened in kosovo, we are now dealing with exactly the opposite patterns of argumentation and action (hypocrisy to crimean independence efforts).

It had to be clear to all that the eu, the usa and the west as a whole are not simply a neutral observer. The war that ukraine is waging in the east of the country is also being paid for with loans from the eu, which were granted to the country with our tax money (how many billions are to be given to ukraine?)?). Without this money the bankrupt state ukraine could not finance its campaign. But this is not only being financed, but even fueled. The international monetary fund (imf) has threatened to cut off aid if control over the southeast of the country is not guaranteed (ukraine: imf threatens kiev to cut loans).

In the logic it is then understandable why the victims of the other side are not asked about. After the massacre in odessa, in which at least 46 people died and 200 were injured (odessa tragedy: suspected police chief makes off), there were no serious demands for an investigation, nor were sanctions imposed on ukraine or loans denied. But if one were interested in a peaceful conflict resolution instead of an escalation, to which the uninvolved dead of the mh17 were allowed to be paid, one would probably proceed differently.

Another conflict with a completely different assessment

Turning the gaze from one source of conflict to another, the situation clears up further, and the entire hypocrisy becomes clear. Because unlike in the case of the malaysia airlines plane, in the case of the civilian deaths in the gaza strip it is clear who is responsible for them. Here, the perpetrators no longer need to be clarified. In the bombings by israel since the beginning of the attacks on 8. July more than 500 palestinians killed. The majority of victims in the extremely densely populated area are civilians, including many women and children.

While on the one hand there is talk of terrorists in eastern ukraine, our politicians hardly utter a word of grief or pity when children playing on the beach in palestine israeli ground offensive in gaza has begun or entire uninvolved families are wiped out in one blow. Neither for german chancellor angela merkel, german foreign minister frank-walter steinmeier (spd) nor for us president barack obama do the civilian victims of the idf attacks play a role. Neither sanctions nor blue helmet intervention are called for.

Instead, israeli actions are defended and justified. "Israel has the right to self-defense", declared the german chancellor on friday. And these words were repeated again by obama in a telephone conversation with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. However, the u.S. President still puts on some makeup and also expressed concern about the growing number of israeli casualties.

Merkel clearly positions germany on israel’s side on this ie. Thus, the chancellor expressed israel’s full support for the action even after the ground offensive in the gaza strip had already begun. And u.S. Secretary of state john kerry, who flew to the middle east on obama’s behalf to broker a cease-fire, had only scornful words for the victims in gaza: "war is hateful, terrible things happen there."

So it is no longer surprising that israel interprets all these rearances as a carte blanche to strike even harder. Last sunday was the bloodiest day yet since attacks on gaza began. According to rescue workers, more than 100 people were killed in the attacks on gaza city and more than 400 were injured, some of them seriously. Artillery fire also hit a hospital, reportedly killing at least four people and injuring dozens more. Most were medical personnel from the dir el balah clinic. Ambulances trying to transport the injured were also hit.

The majority of people were killed in the shelling of the sadjaiya neighborhood. Apparently they were also hit when they tried to flee from the attacks. This is what the israeli army had called on residents to do. People in the outskirts of the neighborhood responded to the calls via leaflets, text messages and telephone announcements, thus becoming victims of the artillery fire. Sajaiyah is a hamas stronghold, army spokesman arye shalicar said, explaining the massive shelling.

In the meantime, in view of the escalation, at least the un secretary general ban ki moon found much clearer words about israel’s actions in sadjaiya. "I condemn this horrible action", he said in view of the fact that the majority of the dead are civilians. He demands that israel spare civilians in the attacks.

Israel must do much more to protect civilians.

While the deaths in the gaza strip continued unabated on monday, the un secretary-general continues to try to mediate. In addition to the qatari capital doha, he plans to travel to kuwait, cairo, jerusalem, ramallah in the west bank and the jordanian capital amman in the next few days.

However, there are also people in israel who, when judging actions that can confidently be called war crimes, do not spout the dangerous nonsense of the right to self-defense. They attack israel’s actions and also try to highlight the suffering of the palestinians. Among them is the journalist gideon levy with his articles and contributions to the daily newspaper ha’aretz. On 15. This month he had written a stirring opinion piece that has earned him many enemies in the country. In it he sharply attacked the air force pilots of his country. He spoke of "heroes", who only pressed the buttons of their joysticks in order to "the weakest and most defenseless people" to war:

Most israelis are unfortunately not exposed to the images from gaza and do not see what is happening there. But in the last few days there has been death and destruction spread in a frightening way, and someone is responsible for it. Not only the pilots are responsible for this, but also the pilots. And you have to ask yourself, why no one takes moral responsibility for this?.

The contribution was made out of outrage that the 21 members of the police chief’s family were killed in an attack. There was nothing heroic about the luftwaffe’s bombings, he said, because the pilots had "never seen the woman in the eyes of their enemy and the red blood of their victims from the vicinity". These pilots had "have never seen an enemy plane approaching, for the last air battle of the israeli air force took place before most of them were born. So today helpless people were shot at, "who have no air force, have no air defense, and can hardly fly a kite". This is how he describes the unequal battle between david and goliath.

He blames the brutalization "the agitation of recent years, the nationalist and racist legislation, the inflammatory propaganda, the fear campaigns and the subversion of democracy by the right-wing camp" responsible. Let the seed of this fruit sprout "and this fruit is disgusting and rotten". The nationalist right, he says, has now sunk to unprecedented depths, and what frightens him most is that almost the entire country is following it: "the word fascism, which i use as little as possible, now has its rightful place in israeli political discourse. My best friends have urged me to leave the country until the situation calms down, to be careful or at least to stay at home."

In another article, he explained that he had been almost lynched for his views in the recent past.

The fact that the civilian victims of conflicts are treated with double standards is an indictment of poverty. And it is risky: justifying israel’s massive attacks with the right of self-defense is as dangerous as the argumentation once used in kosovo, when a new doctrine was created to start a war against international law. In order to violate the un charter’s prohibition of the use of force, the new doctrine of a so-called "war on terror" was created "humanitarian intervention" and created the attack on yugoslavia with a kind of "moral obligation" justified.

The argumentation with which israel is granted the right to attack the gaza strip is similar. And this right can be claimed by others as well. For example, there were the palestinians, who were expelled from israel, as we know.

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