The attack on the israeli model of russian intelligence tags in qatar, which was probably carried out by russian intelligence tagents and makes it clear again the danger of the war, which was taken in war against terrorism

"Targeted totters" – waiting for the level of year – are not only committed by the israelis (license to the dead?To). Probably the russian government had at least aid at the murder of selimchan jandarbiev, who was prasident in 1996 after the first invasion of a short time prassident chechnya. Jandarbiev, a prominent representative of the chechen resistance, but should have accessed from politics, was in doha, qatar, where he lived for 3 years, on the 13th. February 2004 donated by a bomb in his car when he drove home from a mosque. Two of his companions were also around life, his 13-year son was seriously injured. Three russian intelligence employees were arrested in connection with the attack.

Jandarbiev, a writer and poet who became politically active with the disintegration of the soviet union and founded a party in 1990, who entered the independence of chechnya and was vice-prone in the government of dudajev in 1991, relations with al-qaeda are said to. Dudajew, a former russian general, carried chechnya in 1991 in the independence, but also in the ruu. In 1994, russia begins the war, dudajev begins with his army the guerrilla war. In 1995, there was the first mass hostel, dudajev will be in 1996 with a stop by rockets "specifically" tottered. For a short time jandarbijev jerks to his place. Ex-general alexander lebed achieves a ceasefire in negotiations with jandarbiev. At the beginning of 1997, the managed nationalist aslan maschadow is chosen to the head of state, while since the war of resistance, also by jandarbiev, which is glared in chechnya, which is glared in chechnya. In 1996, islam became the state religion of "chechen republic itschkerija" explained.

After the stop, the russian government also took hostages

Little mooded was in russia, decisively co-responsible for the emergence of islamist terrorism in chechnya, his joy of the death of jandarbijew expression. For a long time one had demanded his delivery to russia. After the attack on a subway in moscow in the beginning of february – just before the elections – the russian prasident vladimir putin made chechen terrorists responsible for dafur and said: "russia has no negotiations with terorists, it eliminates them." moscowtrideal presented prasident chechnya, achmad kadyrov kadyrov said that no one will find in chechnya, the jandarbievs fate requires. "Jandarbijew was the main identity of the separatists and later the terrorist organizations that have provided for so heavy consequences in chechnya."

The assassination at jandaebijew was the first stop in qatar, which is why one reacted particularly sharp. On the 18th. February three men, employees of russian intelligence were arrested, because of suspicion of participation in the attack. One of the arrested was released a week later for printing the russian aufemister ivanov. The russian government had only learned from the festnhame at this time. Shortly thereafter, on 26.2., two wrestlers of a national team from qatar were arrested in moscow airport, obviously as a kind of hostage.

The russian au – minister had previously reacted emport to the arrest of russians and allowing for any suspicion, the intelligence staff could have something to do with the attack. The three intelligence employees had settled all legal in qatar and collected in the context of the war against international terrorism information. Ivanov threw katar, terrorists who are on the un list to accommodate and protect what clear against the international agreements. Qatar, on the other hand, is based on a court process.

In addition, the prisoners have already stood the act. Apparently, the katarian authorities have followed the fsb agents via a borrowed vehicle and coached mobile phone history and overfore. The agents should also have called the names of their bosses who have given them the order. The explosive was brought to qatar with a diplomatic vehicle from saudi arabia.

The terror and terror

For the russian government, it was probably the fact that the intelligence staff could be arrested thanks to the help of the us government. Steven pifer declared by the us der ministry, an american team can provide catar’s technical examination on request in the technical examination of the explosive. After this was not well received by the russian government, it was ared that it did not act important help and that the us had nothing to do with the identification and arrest of the agents. "The us, which has recently initiated the entry of jandarbiev in the un list of the german terrorists in the world, regrettably provided neither technical nor political support in the search for this international terrorist in the international community", fore a few days ago konstantin kossachev, the chairman of the estate committee of state duma.

The arger also rules that putin has accused the us government to measure with two mab. Thus, one criticize the russian chechnya policy and, among other things, have met with jandarbiev in qatar, while on the other hand ahead with all agents against terrorists. However, the us government disputes such a meeting.

Anyway, between russia and qatar was hard negotiated, russia ubte a unusually high prere. Putin shouted on tuesday, schach hamad al-tani, the emir of qatar, on the "further development of russian-catal relations" and to speak the situation in the middle east. What was discussed exactly is not known, at least yesterday the two catalic sportsmen were released and were allowed to travel to their homeland. For this, russian lawsalt were allowed to visit the two intelligence employees detained in doha, which already tags after being waichen on visa, on behalf of the au-abin ministry, and allegedly wanted to present important information to the court. But there seems to give further moods, because alexander witissov, the first secretary of the russian embassy in qatar, was referred to as the freil of the two athletes as persona non grata and asked to leave the country within 24 hours, reported the official qatar news agency. Witissov was the one who had been arrested with the two other intelligence staff, but quickly released again because he tieved diplomatic immunite.

Russia criticized the "targeted totung" of the hamas driver jassin and demanded a conviction of the attack by the un. Qatar also had himself after the attack against "targeted totters" pronounced, no matter against whom and in what context. The tiny qatar, utility point for us troops and bonded to the us, also in the fight against terrorism and war against iraq, a monarchy, no democracy, moderate, even with regard to israel, home of the transmitter al-jascana, who the entire region has occupied port for some islamists, defends the rule of law against a world power, which in the declared war against terrorism on the side of the also entitled to the international latvailing superpower usa and in the right to complain about the right and again as in the cold war, obscured operations and political murders suffered.

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