Screensavers, traveling salesmen and other impracticalities

1. Screensaver

You can download an american flag as a screensaver from the microsoft site. I did that immediately and installed the thing. National flags have always been screensavers, companions of idle processes… If the user is somehow absent or no longer female, then they appear all by themselves and block the further field of vision to the things behind them.

2. Sentences that i can no longer tolerate:

– "if we don’t do it, the others will do it." – "this is done to protect national security." – "this is only a temporary measure."

3. Food rules

In ramadan, fasting begins when you can tell a white thread from a black one in the morning. In afghanistan, the dying begins when you can no longer tell a fragmentation bomb component from a food package.

4. Expressions i can’t stand anymore:

– collateral damage – alliance against terror – grid search – necessary war – holy war

5. True federal loyalty

America at least did a reasonable job of liberating west germany from the nazis and probably saved it from the soviets. Since they really did a lot of good to us, we now had to stand by them by refusing to support them in their mistakes.

6. Sufficient, but not necessary

The "economist" describes in its latest ie the war in afghanistan as a "necessary". The bin ladin is his war "holy". Is not necessity the sanctuary of self-proclaimed pragmatists?? And is not the sacred of the other born of pure pragmatism?

7. Digital babushka

At the beginning of the american bombardment, cnn broadcast the green-pixeled night-vision footage "courtesy of al-jazeera". Ard then broadcast a minute later the data stream from al-jazeera, again framed by cnn. There is no better way to describe the state of our public television journalism.

8. Voiceover

When the first bin ladin hate video surfaced, one channel, i think it was rtl, made the embarrassing mistake of superimposing the german translation of the bin ladin soundtrack over the pictures of a press conference of tony blair. Such obviousness i would not forgive even a comedy show on pro sieben.

9. Security package

The people should better supervise mr. Schily. A sovereign should always keep an eye on his employee, especially the senior one.

10. Trade missions

What can you call yourself today when you bring cheap maglev trains to east asian potentates? People’s representatives?

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