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The initiative #keingeldfuerrechts has the advertising circuits for axes.Com and tichy’s insight out

Coarse elaborates are currently available on the blog axis of the good and equibilities at tichy’s insight. The two conservative blogs, which sometimes operate sharp polemics, give antislamic, against links, grun and merkel as well as all "genuine" and beat the ruling mainstream, but for the free market, the us and israel are whatever you make, are allegedly cut by the advertising industry. When it comes to money, you already attack hard to tons and look up as if it became the lighthands of opinion and freedom of freedom.

With the private initiative #keinbeldfuerrechts, probably according to the american model, gerald hensel, strategist with the gross advertising agency scholz friends, provided for restlessness and is apparently successful. Right-radical media like breadth.Com should be closed the cock, he wrote in a tweet in november, with a view to the upcoming general election in germany and the prospect that bubble as well as to come to germany too.

He wants to call the companies against the legal populists and the wave "micro opinions, content, bot networks, fake news" to take the "civil society" to defend. When left, hensel is hardly classified, rather he can go through as a system holder who "economy and agencies" calls that you "explicitly relate against the new rights and quickly actively act", to the "liberal society", so the currently neoliberal, good capitalist society, as it is to defend.

In a digitized world in which the established institutions deny only part of political willing, everyone is needed to study his future. Who does not do this, let it do others as we have just seen. Or they believed a year ago that gobritannia from the eu exits and an obscurer billion prassident of the united states? Just. Neither do i. What do you mean what the next year everything can happen?

Gerald hensel

What is apparently currently in time and also propagated by the right in ukraine or in the us, and which could probably also become the political strategy of institutions such as nato and the eu as well as governments (enemy picture: russia makes information about the weapon) , is the attempt to escape the supposed bose with black lists. Hensel wrote from an initiative, "the media blacklist when these systematic false messages spread".

He concretizes this under the slogan "no money for right: "right media benefit from automated banner auctions. Let us know to advertise together, where you advertise." to do this, he made a photo with a poster "lying press". On his now no longer publicly accessible website davaedavai.Com should have guided the list. He says: "there is a right to free community. But there is no fundamental right to advertising revenue."

First, the private initiative was primarily against companies whose advertising is breeding.Com appear, then it was against the right young freedom and the "wutburger page" oh good.Com, as well as pi-news and compact. Legal conservatives like david berger speak of one "battle announcement against basic values of democracy". The private initiative was compared with the nazi campaign "does not buy jews" or the beer combustion. Otherwise, the expected shitstorm of the alleged defender of freedom and anti-fascists went.

Apparently, the initiative, also required by articles in the mirror on the successes of the campaign in the us, worked. Tichy’s insight and also the axis of the good should have been one since last friday "massive ads burglary" through the "boycott" the advertising industry has learned, it is called. Equal to all customers of each.Com had picked up your bookings, similar to tichy’s insight should look like. Maxeiner, coarse of axes.Com, confirmed that all advertisers have returned. That’s a sickness.

Probably the young freedom met, the villains of "blocking friends" and from one "lubricant linkpopulist denunciation campaign" writes or complains. Supposedly it works against "indilural network media that does not live by state care and forced". But they have now received more donations (want) and ask their readers to ask the agency’s customers.

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