An american survey constitutes a doubling of financial losses

If you want to believe a survey of the computer security institute (csi), which was carried out together with the computer intrusion squad of the fbi in san francisco, then computer criminalitat has led to losses of 10 billion dollars last year in the usa. The goods a doubling opposite the previous year.

643 companies were interviewed, assisted, financial institutions or universities, of which 70 percent of which reported the occurrence of computer viruses, theft of laptops or misuse of internet use beyond various difficulties. In one quarter, the computer systems have been invaded to the computer systems, with another quarter have been registered dos attacks. Almost 80 percent reported the abuse of internet access by employees (downloading pornography or illegal software), 70 percent of a non-autised access of the organization of organization and 60 percent that their computer systems of the oieleral goals were of attacks. One third meant, they did not know if an unauthorized access or abuse has taken place.

In the information about financial losses you have to be particularly careful. 74 percent of the interviewed domestic losses, 42 percent could or wanted to quantify the high of losses. Thus, these 273 organizations had suffered by computer criminalitat losses totaling $ 260 million. In all categories from theft of information on fraud to attacks and sabotage, the forelections have increased towards the last few years. Richard power of csi says that the trends are disturbing and that cybercriminalitat and other surpluses are widespread: "is not there a boom of ecommerce? Then there is also a boom of e-crincentat. The more businesses take place online, the more criminality also takes place."

Even though 81 percent of respondents said that dissatisfied employees represent a danger, or 75 percent believed they could be damaged by hackers, organizations seem to not seem too important to their security measures. In respondents, a security expert for 1000 computer was aware of a security expert.

Bruce gerhardt from the fbi derived from the survey that the fbi and other police keeps "this continuously increasing problem" can not successfully evaporate if they can only react to already evident forceles and do not act praventively before these trends become crisis. Above all, the fbi worried that a significant proportion of financial losses of the last year had been caused by young people who only penetrate systems in systems and they states to show that they can.

Fbi and csi, because of the results, of course demand that more for safety must be done by using appropriate techniques and adjusting more staff. The gross the real or supposed financial losses, the better the demands can be enforced. As the respondents come to the loss ies, which is difficult to put up with dos attacks, is not said, is not said. In addition, the respondents were the health-state employees of the respective organizations. Tend them to lose losses rather small to express their expertise, or rather high to emphasize the meaning of their task? In any case, only three percent of respondents have indicated direct financial fraud, which is contaminated in case of doubt.

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