Allegedly, the bnd helped the americans in the war against iraq with the approval of the government of the time – clarification from the old and new federal government about all complicity in the war and human rights violations is overdue

According to information from suddeutsche and panorama, german and american intelligence agents cooperated closely long before the start of the iraq war and continued to do so during the invasion. Two bnd agents who remained in baghdad allegedly provided the americans with information on the bombing of targets. Allegedly, this was done with the knowledge and express approval of the chancellor’s office.

The bundesnachrichtendienst just came into focus again in connection with the archaologist osthoff. The extent to which she directly or indirectly worked for or was exploited by the bnd remains unknown. Also what role he played in the freilang and what business was done in the process remains obscure.

Much of what the red-green federal government did after 11 september remains in the dark.9. And the declaration of “unrestricted solidarity” for the bush administration, even when it publicly did not support the war in iraq and thus distanced itself from u.S. Policy. The prere was certainly rough. Bush also demanded unconditional solidarity, which he made clear, for example, during the german election campaign in 2002: “i have made it clear to the world that you are either with us or with the enemy. And this doctrine still applies.” the current chancellor merkel, who is now trying to build up a little distance, not only demanded approval of u.S. Policy at the time, she also demonstrated submission, which may be a little embarrassing for her today.

It remains to be seen whether and where merkel, during her visit to washington, will draw the boundaries of the “unrestricted solidarity” sets. She spoke of guantanamo in advance, but not of the bush administration finally putting an end to the practice of expanding a legal no-man’s land that includes torture, clandestine and known camps, kidnappings and targeted killings, as well as preventive military intervention and presidential power no longer controlled by congress. Merkel had done well not only to single out guantanamo in what was at best a symbolic gesture and thus hypocritically criticize the bush administration, but also to finally begin to clarify the actions of the red-green and red-black governments in this legal no-man’s-land. It is to be feared, of course, that this government is counting on being able to keep everything under wraps and sit it out.

The possible cooperation of bnd employees in the run-up to and during the war in iraq is, of course, only one of many activities. After all, even now the secret services are still working in the paris “alliance base” the cia and the eu are closely connected (the cia operates secret operation centers in more than 20 countries), so that the bnd and possibly also the verfangsschutz could have been indirectly involved in some abductions into secret prisons and the corresponding cia-flights, or at least knew about it (the eu and the abductions and prisons of the cia). The detention of prisoners in syria and guantanamo are proofs of complicity, the lack of emphasis in clearing up the abduction of al-masri or the existence of cia prisons in europe are further proofs. The red-green federal government did not object to the use of us bases in germany for the war effort, thus already supporting it more or less openly, while at the same time pretending to be involved in it “adventure” not to participate.

The fact that they were not serious about human rights and the democratic rule of law is demonstrated by the years of silence about the practices of the us government. The former federal minister joschka fischer justified himself that he had voiced his criticism behind closed doors against powell or rice (die “red line” not crossed). But there can be said many things, the important thing is whether this is made public. Apparently fischer shies away from an explanation and ducks away, covered by his party. Now, as grune said, he is supposed to be aware of the reports from the bnd operation “appalled” have shown. Is that supposed to mean that he was not in the know?? Did schroder – or even just steinmeier – leave the aubenminister out of it?? Or is fischer appalled by the government’s decisions?? What fischer had in terms of prestige, however, bubbles with this silence, dragging with it also the grunts, who are hardly of the current government “comprehensive clearing up” over the “deception of the federal republic of germany’s policy on the iraq war by activities of bnd employees in iraq” .Without having to start with themselves and their former top politician.

One might ask why, shortly before the visit of the german chancellor to washington, a former pentagon employee told the german media that bnd employees had been working for the u.S. Military intelligence service, the defense intelligence agency (dia) “directly supported” and supplied with “information on target capture” supplied himself. This is said to have included the information that saddam hussein had been in contact with the dia on 7. April 2003 in a restaurant in the baghdad district of mansur. A bnd employee is said to have checked this for the americans, who then used a “precision bomb” . Hussein was not killed, but at least 12 uninvolved civilians were, who were then also considered to be german,” said “collateral damage” can be considered. Were the german bnd staff possibly also involved in the bombing of the al-jazeera office in baghdad (bomb censorship or “collateral damage”?)?

The bnd confirmed the cooperation of the intelligence services in iraq, which was agreed behind closed doors and with the approval of the german government in december 2002, and thus a participation in iraq. The former pentagon employee talks about the fact that the germans caused “during the whole war” the americans in baghdad “extraordinary” had helped. The suddeutsche was told by a “high-ranking security officials”, that the cooperation was a “political decision” had been a political decision taken in the chancellor’s office. However, the bnd denies that information was given to the americans to bomb targets. On the contrary, information was provided only to protect civilian facilities from bombardment. But whether one of the two bnd employees in baghdad had received a medal from the pentagon for this..?

The acting aubenminister steinmeier was head of the chancellor’s office at the time and in any case involved in it. He was able to clarify the situation, but did not want to comment to panorama. And if the current government under chancellor merkel remains silent and covers up, at least the social democrats were called upon to exert real prere on their comrades schroder, steinmeier, schily and struck. So far, however, schroder and fischer, and thus red-green, have apparently distinguished themselves by their lack of backbone and obvious tactics. In order not to completely lose credibility in foreign and human rights policy, the spd and die grunen should not leave the field to the opposition alone.

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