What is actually economy? Part 2

In the second part of his series what is actually economy, alexander dill is explained by the basel institute of commons and economics the german tax livestock in four sections: the propaganda of the federal government of the taxpayer, the luge of net income, the lug of the progression, the lug from the taxoases.

Quite question: if a country generates a surplus for 50 years – how can it build a state debt of 2 trillion? There are currently at least two answers.

The first, the official, attested by the state institutes for economics, is: "the state" lives over "his" policy. He has built expensive swimming pools and museums. He is lazy the lazy officials and unemployed, the ossis, students and politicians spitting the money in the butt. The german state budget is degenerated to the self-service shop of subsidies, alimony and petitions.

This answer is currently also given without contradiction for ireland, greece and portugal, which now has to spend 50% of their tax revenues for interest and repayment of their sovereign debt.

The unofficial, but national and business administration is only possible: the state has made debts because he has not taken proper taxes.

The fact that this only clearly clear and bitter truth did not find the way to the business press and certainly not to the vwl apprenticeship or even the mens steinbruck and schauble, is at a decades of tradition, which could be described as the german tax lew. It is worthwhile to summarize their essential elements in general.

First, the propaganda of the federal government of the taxpayer

The federal government of the taxpayer finds the way in all media every year with his black book. His message: the wasteful state rejuvenates our bribed tax grosches. Since the latest thirst for the wutburg fans of the federal government himself the top ten of the waste. 2011 is a campsite in lower saxony, about 500.000 euro cost.

Interim information: the federal republic of germany has increased its sovereign debt between august 2010 and may 2011 by about 230 billion euros (according to the confederation of taxpayers).

On place two of the compensation list is the acquisition of fun alphorns for 5500 euros.

When the basel institute of commons and economics at the end of 2009 informed the taxpayer of the taxpayers that the 79 billion euros subsidy for the state pension insurance to exclude officials, good earners (contribution budgies) and the self-reliance of the compulsory insurance, also a tax absence, wrote the manager of the confederation of taxpayers, pure wooden nail, "such" expenditure does not take into account the confederation of taxpayers.

Of course, there are also helps for greece and hypo real estate or the subsidy of nuclear power no tax rebellions.

Second, the lug of net income

The federal ministry of finance, nor under peer steinbruck, knew it exactly in his advertising: a nurse with 1.850 euro gross remain 1.241,30 euro "in the bag". Since the lady of the example worked in koln, this stimulated for the recalculation. How much but the lady actually has in his pocket?

The German tax luck

You may object that the nurse can do not live in koln for 500 euros, should not go to work to work, no cell phone and have no internet. Factally, however, the nurse gets hartz iv, but to work for 38 hours in the shift service.

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