The massacre of Mosul:'wir toteten sie alle. Daesh, manner, frauen und kinder'

Special units penetrate into the destructed old town. Image (from 11. July): tasnimnews.Com / cc by-sa-4.0

How many people died in the battle around the city, is can never be elicited more recently the iraqi militar acted with gross brutality according to statements by soldiers

You will probably never really come up with how many people – civilians, soldiers and is campers or their religious – have died in the fight for mosul (mol). The iraqi government has helped the numbers of the toten and injured soldiers, but talked again and again from tonic thousands of totete is struggle. Solidly unclear is also how many people were killed by artillery and bombing from the air or to the victim of the is. None of the stakeholders interested in a clearance and the war crimes committed by all sides to which human rights organizations were. The pictures of the resourceed city, in which until recently civilians stayed because they were hindered on the run of is and had been asked by the government at the beginning and during the offensive to stay in their homes.

But it seeps out first reports and exercises that can give an indication of the slaughter’s outbreak. The barbaric approach of is and the struggle against him have flooded the brutality on all sides and guided for the refusal. Middle east eye (mee) reports that under the sessions of the old town hundreds of bodies lie, often you only see the mouse. It spreads the smell of the heat quickly. The worst thing was to have been the conquest of the old town, in which the is camphor had returned. However, the slaughterhouse was already partially adjusted. Bulldozer rushed the trummer of the destructed houseer aside and thus not only buried potential inputs to tunnels, but also many corpses. But there are also corpses of people who obviously have been executed. Some corpses are tied to hands and docks, they pulled them through the straps. Other bodies were burned.

The massacre of Mosul:'wir toteten sie alle. Daesh, manner, frauen und kinder'

The old town is largely destroyed, among the sessions are many corpses. Image: tasnimnews.Com / cc by-sa-4.0

An iraqi soldier reported mee that the bloody fight for the old town has fallen all inhibitions: "we dulted them all. Daesh, manner, women and children. We dulted all." an iraqi officer said, there are many civilians among the bodies: "after the liberation was led, there was the command to dignate everything to what is moving." the command was not right, but the soldiers had to obey: most of the is campers gave themselves and we did it just. We made very few arrests."

The reason is not that the prisoners in baghdad are full. At the beginning of the offensive one had to give is-campfer still the secret services – which was even more terrible for prisoners, but more terrible than to be shot immediately (is-suspicious how cattle are held in cogs) – but then less and less arrested less. According to the liberation explained by the iraqi head of government (the is will never conquer a city in iraq) was further stained in some places. Individual is campers have hidden in the landscaped tunnel systems and vibrating from there further attacks.

Mee publishes pictures of the sessions and the bodies in the old town and the river. Under the bodies there are also children’s corpers. Not all came through violence to life, some starved or damaged too. The people who were most recently escaped from the old town, as mee, as inmates of kzs, emerged out, on the edge of death.

Journalists are expelled to mee from the city, you do not want to witness. So some journalists had observed how an is prisoner of special units was taught with bound hands and a rope around his neck by the ruins of the old town. The journalists had had to give their memory cards with the pictures and have been asked to leave the city. The officer said there is no longer a rather in mosul: "every day i see that we do the same as that’s. People went to the river to get water because they fuel, and we dodden them."

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