In the short time he has been in office, trump has already left a bombshell trail that has convinced politicians who were skeptical before

"Trump makes friends with nato", was the tenor of the reports about the meeting of the u.S. President with the nato secretary general. A very rough coalition in the usa and germany was very satisfied.

The supposed trump critics had feared that under the new u.S. Administration nato could no longer play such a rough role and trump could possibly pursue a neutralist aubenpolitik. A narrow spectrum of conservatives in the u.S. Has long propagated the withdrawal of the united states to its own territory. They no longer wanted to be active worldwide.

Such a policy has a certain logic, because the influence of u.S. Capitalism is declining worldwide and the warning of u.S. Overexpansion has been taken seriously for some years, even by u.S. Think tanks. Now, trump certainly had some neutralistic offsets in his campaign repertoire. He deliberately chose phrases that were open to interpretation. So he never said that nato was superfluous, but obsolete, and now it just isn’t anymore.

And already trump has satisfied some of his loudest critics, at least for the time being. They do not subscribe to his racist and sexist agenda as his handlers do. They feared, above all, that trump would not be able to act as a leader "champion of the free world" as his predecessors did. In germany, leading circles from the greens to the cdu/csu saw this as an opportunity to take on this role themselves.

Angela merkel has now been touted as the leader of the free world. In the meantime, trump has long made it clear that he will not voluntarily give up this post. On the contrary, he wants to be the world’s strictest sheriff "make america great again" einblauen.

Trump and the "mother of all bombs"

In contrast to his other rhetoric, this is not just steam talk. In his short time in office, trump has already left a bomb trail behind him. Just a week after trump’s inauguration on 28./29. January, an attack by u.S. Special forces in yemen killed 30 people. The bombing of mosul is said to have killed people in the triple digits.

On 18. March, about 40 people were killed in a bombed mosque in northern syria. On 20. March, bombs from the u.S.-led coalition, which has been in syria since 2014 ostensibly to fight the "islamic state" fights, at least 33 people who had sought refuge in a school. The target coordinates had probably been supplied by the german armed forces.

There were a few days of reports about it and then the ie was already settled. Two days ago, on 13. April, dear trump the "mother of all bombs" on afghanistan. The name was taken in various media completely uncritically. One had thought that such terms could only be invented by someone in the world of saddam hussein, who also loves to rant about the mother of all battles.

In any case, the "mother of all bombs" hit a tunnel complex of the islamic state. There were no civilians among the 36 victims, it said immediately. Also here any critical inquiry is missing. How was it determined in a few hours who the victims were, what they were accused of and that they were all guaranteed to be convinced is fighters??

After all, we know from the drone missions that increased under the obama administration that, in addition to the targets, the victims often included their children or relatives or whoever happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then a 10.000-kilogram explosive device did not hit civilians? The difference with the poison gas attack in syria is simply that in afghanistan there are none of the quite interest-driven ngos and news outlets that immediately spread the pictures of the victims around the world.

The dead in afghanistan die without the attention of the world public, they die quietly and anonymously and take the stigma of being an is supporter with them to the grave. There was and is no independent tribunal that decides whether the charges are true at all. The supreme commander decides on the mission, he is prosecutor, judge and executioner all in one person.

In recent months, many trump critics have also resorted to questionable psychologizing explanations, painting him as a grave danger. Now these people had to protest especially vehemently that such a man is now acting as a world sheriff and is "mother of all bombs" sends off. But some critics have completely changed their tune and are praising trump for joining the phalanx of his supporters. He has proved with his bombardments that he is a good leader of the free world.

There the wheat is separated from the chaff and the trump critics, who feared that trump could pursue an isolationist policy, make their peace with the president. Whatever else they may have criticized about his political agenda is no longer important to them. This was allowed to have an impact on the clinton camp, because there, too, people were worried that trump might not be confrontational enough with russia.

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