Harbor project threatens balance in tropenfjord

The central american costa rica is considered dorado of okotourism. Grobe hotel resorts fit less in the picture, but investors from europe and the united states hope for rough profits from such projects. In some places, such as the popular playa jaco, the first hochhauser already arises in the acapulcostil. On the remote osahalbag in the south of the country, however, resistance against this type of tourism.

Gruner rainforest as far as the eye looks to the right, left a steep custody, down the golfo dulce, one of the world’s only four tropical fjords extends. The un calls the osahalbag with the corcovado national park in the suden costa rica’s region with the large biodiversity of the globe.

Adventure vacationers are bothered here and travelers who like in harmony with nature vacation. In and around puerto jiminez, locals and immigrants have created their own okotourism industry. An outcry went through the community as the us owners of the luxurious crocodile bay resort presented their plan from the construction of a coarse marina. The americans were surprised by the reaction, they promise the residents 400 new workplaces through the project.

But the burger initiative against the marina fears okological and social consequences through the marina, which is to be gross as four fubball fields.

The marina is to be built there at sea level, where puerto jiminz has always developed. Where the fisherman go out in the evening, where people go swimming where our rowing boats and kayaks drive. The construction was made us the way to the beach.

Laura robleto (spokeswoman of the burgerinitiative)

The nature conservants fear also a harmony of the protected mangrove landscape on the shore. The traffic of thousands of motor yachts a month could have devastating effects. As sloppy, the opponents of the marina call the environmental study submitted by the operators of crodocile bay resort. Although the affected area 16.000 square meters include, the impact on the seabed does not even mention. Just as little as the fact that living in the golfo dulce dolfine and bumpy whales to bring their boys to the world. Laura robleto criticizes that the company has elected an okologically so sensitive place for her project:

This project does not represent the type of development that we want or plan for puerto jiminez and the whole osahalbag. Since always there is a consciousness for sustainable development. We live on projects in harmony with nature, from small projects for holistic development. For us, man is not the focus as an employee or object of production, but as a human being that can develop.

Laura robleto (spokeswoman of the burgerinitiative)

It looks very different from the other shore of the golfo dulce, in the city of golfito. There are no offers for okotourism. Until the spades of eighties, the banana plantations of the coarse international fruit groups lived here. Since this has returned to the city in the border area to panama bad. Over water you hold with the sale duty-free goods in your own free port. The promises of the marina planner fall here more on fertile ground. 400 workplaces, this is good for many well, just like the promise of free english courses. Also the burger master supports the project. Environmental protection and tourism companies seem here in the minority.

It is difficult to fight because we know that the government fully support the project. Recently, the tourism minister and the minister president came to golfito to an event at the invitation of the burger master. I was very surprised as between the two politicians of the developers of marina at the table sab and they knocked each other on the shoulder.

Aradelia hernandez, hotel owner and chairman of the tourist chamber of golfito

But the burger initiative is beaten for a long time. With legal steps, try to stop the project, just as you brought the plan of a fish fishing fishing fist awarded a few weeks ago, who wanted to drag the rough steel chip to tuna farming in the golf. Who does not fight, who has already lost, is the motto of the activists.

In costa rica there are good environmental laws, a rough expertise in environmental topics, there are very committed organizations and many academics associated with the environmental movement. In addition, we managed to elect a whole series of environmentally conscious deputies in parliament. We have already managed today that nationally a middle awareness in the population consists of the topic.

Ricardo araya, business drivers of a municipal okouther mountains on the edge of the corcovado national park

Maybe the national government also another opinion on the topic. After all, costa ricas prasident oscar arias has explored these days that his country officially clasp peace with nature.

Torge loding works as a journalist in the voces nuestras communication center, san jose

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