American crackers play cyber rambos

The hacker group legion of the underground had already stunned when she wrote the new official chinese website on human rights in october to formulate her protest. Similar actions of hackers, for example, the change of a website of the indian nuclear industry after the test of the atomic bomb, proved a politicization. After the well-known group of cult of the dead cow had called a website for hacktivism and the electronic disturbance theater with the flood net repeatedly raised collective actions, prophesied a golden age of hacktivism.

The legendar group cult of the dead cow had already worked with the mysterious hong kong blondes to subversively act in china through the internet. Recently, she announced that cooperation has ended, but the fight against the chinese government continues, which repeatedly violates human rights and dissidents. Only in the last few days several chinese opposition to long prison sentences and two crackers were sentenced to death.

Apparently some american groups of hackers or crackers (?) now went to china to politicize their activities. There is a joint website, the hacker club, but also the hacker news network, where the legion of the underworld is now "warrior clarification to china and iraq" talk.

After a "hibit and emotional discussion" i have on the "cyber war against the information infrastructure of china and iraq" agreed. Both countries are accused of violations of human rights, the iraq in addition the production of mass destruction weapons. There you seem to be in agreement with the american government. "With the reference to the independence declaration with the right of people to govern themselves, and with the statement that the us government is likely to remain inappropriate, while the terrible things happen in other countries, the legion of the underground has been destroyed all computer systems invoked in china and iraq." this is, of course, a coarse undertaking – and it was possible, if you could actually cause significant damage, a first demonstration just that infowar, which the american government has been tangled for quite some time.

So you do not want to directly support the government, but takes the right to the hand, if you do not do that, what is right for right. It could already become interesting, what the chinese and the iraqi government to this "declaration of war" american cyber cowboys say and whether the american government will meet their voluntary but uninvited cyber-rambos. Finally, you will have the status of terrorists for china and iraq, which in turn are allegedly tracked throughout the world.

Legion of the underground wants to ask for support in your war from the hong kong blondes for support, but first you want to obviously how wired answers, in iraq with a first attack, one "ebewy concerted cracking campaign", start: "we have to carry out what the government does not do." iraq has no connection to the internet, but there are internal, non-public networks, allegedly already logged in. You want to continue looking for access and then burst into a system to isolate iraq from the world. Because of the embargo, iraqi have only old computer systems. Many modems have answered, for example, only at a speed of 2400 bps, which is indeed not straight state of the art goods. To justification, the members of the legion say that an attack against one "criminal dictator" just was justified, it is already a crime to produce mass destruction weapons. The love of other states say, including the usa. The hackers / crackers use the same expression for the labeling hussein as the government: "rogue". And their autocratic attacks are also the same as the actions of the self-proclaimed world manufacturer usa.

Why do you like one "war" explain if you want to take his protest? The politicization of the hackers / cracker scene remains with their ancestral marking behavior, which is ultimately, to demonstrate their own superiority. Of course, connection to computer systems can not be carried out if one discusses a long time and seeks an opinion forming process that does not only refer to the conspiracious community. As well as the us is over the world community and takes the right to his own hand, the hacktivists are only the reflection of their government, whereby ultimately the question remains always open, whether dictatorial systems can ultimately be different than with violence. Maybe the legion could once again be with the iraqi opposition in an irc "common table" put if you are really interested in the situation of people.

Legions of the unerground fills mib locations: everything just a fake?

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