Are migrant children being marked with numbers on their arms at the us border?

Screenshot of the video by cal perry

After an 8-year-old girl died in the custody of the border patrol and donald trump continues to campaign for his wall, the images of the children are horrifying

On 6. December, more than 160 migrants crossed the border from mexico to new mexico during the night. The border crossing was closed for the night, but four u.S. Border patrol agents were on duty. They did not cross the border secretly and surrendered to the border patrol at 21:15, as is usually the case, in order to be recognized as fugitives. The policemen ordered a bus to take them away. Among the migrants were seven-year-old jakelin caal maquin and her father from guatemala. While driving to a refugee center in lordsburg on 7. In the early morning of december, the girl began to have seizures and a high temperature. She reportedly received medical attention and was then taken to an el paso hospital, where she died of cardiac arrest, likely from dehydration and septic shock. She is said not to have drunk for days, which her father denies.

The department of homeland security is investigating the incident, the border patrol (cbp) ares that they did everything possible to ensure the girl’s survival (cbp presentation). Apparently the migrants were housed in a kind of garage with a cement floor, without benches, blankets or anything else, until the arrival of the bus.

From the department of homeland security, the girl’s death was used as a deterrent. Cbp chief kevin k. Mcaleenan explained: "we cannot overemphasize the dangers of traveling long distances, in overcrowded vehicles, or through remote desert areas without food, water, and other supplies. No one should risk injury or even death by crossing our border illegally." he had just asked congress to change the laws so that the u.S. Would not give an incentive, "to choose this dangerous path".

Democratic politicians, who are currently at loggerheads with donald trump over the construction of the wall and the government shutdown, are using the incident as an opportunity to criticize inhumane conditions at the border, hillary clinton said friday. The death of the child was again an occasion to remember the attempted "zero tolerance"- or deterrence policy by a presidential decree to separate children from their parents when crossing the border and to place them in separate camps. Parents were also often deported alone, leaving the children in the camps (250 immigrant children are separated from their parents every day at the u.S. Border). This had caused an outcry in the summer after pictures circulated of camps where migrants and their children were being held in cages, trump rowed back after a california court ruling (over 450 immigrant parents were deported without their children).

Are migrant children being marked with numbers on their arms at the us border?

Image: cbp

However, he tried again today to reaffirm the practice as a necessary deterrent while accusing democrats of hypocrisy: "the democrats’ policy of separating children at the border during the obama administration was far worse than how we handle this. Recall the 2014 image of children in kafigs – the obam years. However, if you do not separate them, much more people will come. Smugglers use children!"

The u.S. President must have known about the videos showing migrant children at the border with numbers written on their arms with felt-tip pens. Understandable that this caused horror and memories of the holocaust, especially in israel. While there is no evidence that u.S. Border police marked the children in this way, the footage suggests they did. A reporter from nbc had shared a short video via his twitter account, explaining it was from juarez, where children were waiting in line to cross over. Even 40-day-old sucklings wore numbers.

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