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Chancellor angela merkel defends her lockdown composition with a permeability in parliament

When defending her yesterday together with the ministerial prospects of the national lockdownscharfungsflusse, the german chancellor angela merkel meant this morning, with the previously applicable measures; “the dramatic exponential growth of corona case numbers braked” and a surcharge of hospitals has been prevented – but that is not the “sustainable success” a “trend reversing down”.


That’s why she wants “print the infection numbers so far that the health markets are able to understand and interrupt infection chains”. The maws that you hope to achieve that are after “medical, economic, social and ethical” aspects were judged and found for relation. Because wearing masks (which must now be set up in queues before fees) although the risk of infection sink, but none “safety” offer before a contagion, you also have to have “avoid crowds in shopping centers”.

With regard to the probable duration of the maps, merkel named a concrete date, but provided with sands like “we have no doubtfully difficult months before us” and “winter is heavy, but he will end” indirectly a retention to the spring year in view. The cdu chancellor’s minister helge braun had previously called the sender rtl to marz as a possible month of termination of the restrictions.

Lindner: “just contribute to the vertical of the inner states and the increase in the market share of amazon”

Rolf mogenich, the faction chair of merkel’s coalition partner party spd, welcomed the maws according to merkel’s immediate deaths, whereby the studied political scientist with his word election showed that apparently he is not truly trusted with a legal behavioral conference properly. Anton hofreiter, the faction leader of the grunen, had even imposed on the burgers of strict restrictions. For him, the years decided yesterday “the least, what is necessary”. His co-faction leader katrin goring-eckardt had already shown dissatisfied yesterday with the christmas exceptions and acknowledges them “hope a lot”, that it will not be ten people every day “to drive all cross and transverse through the republic”.

The fdp group chairman christian lindner aberte in his opinion according to merkel’s exploration explains that the mains of the chancellor “only a contribution to the verification of the inner states and the increase in the market shares of amazon, without being really effective for the pandemics vaccine”. “Where”, so lindner in this context, “is the scientific evidence for that that the virus becomes the danger of increasing sales flat”. What the federal government and the federal standers are currently doing, in his view “no long-term persistent strategy”, because “explode the social and economic costs of pandemic evaporation”. He plads instead for one “protective screen” for risk groups. Merkel rejects such a protective screen because it has been given to a rough part of the population.

Bartsch: “in severe fundamental accounts, the bundestag has to decide – no matter how much she is annoying”

Dietmar bartsch, the chairman of the left-hand group, mainly criticized the conclusion of the mills: in his opinion, the tips of the executive have no legitimacy to drop decisions of such scope alone: “for heavy fundamental accounts”, soartsch at merkel, “must decide the bundestag – no matter how much you annoy”. A parliament, which is only “in retrospect may be a bit”, will be his words from the chancellor “disregard”.

A lack of inclusion of the bundestag also criticized afd faction leader alice weidel, which in this context of one “in the case of non-intended kungel round from chancellor’s office and ministerial prospects in the virtual back room” spoke. But they are also the maps themselves “inconsistent, opposed to doubtful benefits and through the undemocratic spirit of substantive patronage”. The mixing in family celebrations is “umbrellic”, the economic conditions may be more harmful than the direct consequences of the sars cov-2 viruses.

Merkel had previously been meant to these economic consequences, they would be given state compensation payments to the particularly affected industries, but that “not to ultimo continued”, why relaxations “not yet responsible” be. Otherwise, so the implication, she was forcing a stronger spread to a longest and more comprehensive lockdown.

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